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Monday, August 21, 2006

Collecting insults

One of my hobbies is collecting insults. This seems to be remarkably easy to do if you happen to mention you support the Labour Party, or Tony Blair, or Israel, and campaign for any of those things. You can even collect insults for saying nice things about Gordon Brown nowdays. Or by being a ginger.

Anyway, here are some of the choicest ones delivered to/about me, which seem to indicate I must be doing something right:

"Akehurst, you're advancing the politics of Stalin with the tactics of Hitler" (or maybe it was the other way round! GC Delegate, Bristol West, early '90s)

"The current Labour candidate has no chance, a short red haired import from Bethnal Green who struts around like a Bantam rooster on viagra, he has managed, already, to alienate most of his party with his Blairite sycophancy... The PLP parachuted the red haired muppet in” (Tory Councillor, Castle Point, on vote2005.co.uk)

"You are the shittiest man in Labour local government" (Labour Party national officer, 2000)

"The most dangerous man in student politics" (UWE SU sabatical, 1995)

"Labour Rent Boy" (The Independent, 2001)

"A particularly nasty little LCC hack" (Labour Left Briefing, 1999)

"We thought we hated councillors until this little shite came along" (www.clissoldleisure.com)

"Jumped up spotty little red-headed upper-class shite" (my online stalker)

"a right-wing, manipulative, lying, cheating, ginger shite" (the same person on a different site)

"Luke the Nuke Akehurst, one of the puppet masters in the NOLS balcony" (Richie Carrothers, Left Unity Block of 12 candidate, NUS Conference 1996)

It's a good job I've never said anything controversial.


Anonymous Andrea said...

" short red haired import from Bethnal Green "

are you from Bethnal Green?

"You are the shittiest man in Labour local government"

The Mark Oaten of Labour?!

""Labour Rent Boy"

ah, no, just Oaten's favourite hobby.

12:36 pm, August 21, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anyone you were in charge of during your days of Future Stewarding would hardly have a good word to say about you ;-)

Your doppelganger's blog was 10 years too late on the Chris Evans references (this was when CE had a career, of course).

12:47 pm, August 21, 2006

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

No I'm not from Bethnal Green, which made it ever stranger.

12:47 pm, August 21, 2006

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

The late great Mo Mowlam once promised to set up a photo op with me and Chris Evans in Aldershot, on the basis that this would get me the military vote (I never quite followed the logic so didn't follow up on it).

12:49 pm, August 21, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given the constituency involved (Castle Point), 'Bethnal Green' was more likely an inferred racial insult or at least designed to infer that Luke is prepared to live among such people (so what does that say about him etc etc).

2:12 pm, August 21, 2006

Anonymous Duncan said...

I recall people saying worse things about you... no that's unfair... equally bad things about you, during your tenure as NOLS Secretary... You did have a certain way about you...

I always thought you were one of the less obnoxious of the hierarchy though (perhaps because you were almost as sadly obsessed with constitutional detail as I was) - Ian Moss, now he's somebody I could insult!! (Whatever happened to him, by the way?)

2:52 pm, August 21, 2006

Blogger A soft socialist said...

Luke we may not always agree but please could you tell me more about left unity as in the then NUS faction? Thankyou.

6:26 pm, August 21, 2006

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...


Brief history of faction once known as left unity:

Started off in 80s as SSiN (Socialist Students in NOLS) the student wing of Trotskyist Wirral based faction Socialist Organiser. Operated inside NOLS and against it in NUS.

Became 2nd largest NUS faction by mid 80s as rivals in Militant went downhill.

Beaten into 3rd place in presidential election by Lembit Opik (now LD MP) running as an independent.

So relaunched as Left Unity with SWSS, Workers Power and Greens involved but SO were so sectarian they rapidly became only constituent part of Left Unity.

In mean time parent organisation, SO, was expelled from Labour Party and changed name to AWL (Alliance for Workers Liberty).

In late 90s Left Unity ran out of steam and AWL merged it into a new front group, Campaign for Free Education. After arguments with Kat Fletcher this became Education Not for Sale.

Adele no need to apologise for not always agreeing with me, the point with a blog is to have a debate.

6:47 pm, August 21, 2006

Blogger A soft socialist said...

Sounds a bit like SBL.

Incidentally I know someone in the labour party could Richy Carrothers. He was a candidate in the all outs in 2004.

9:40 pm, August 21, 2006

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

If he's from Northern Ireland it's the same guy.

SBL (Student Broad Left) comes from a different Trot tradition to AWL/Socialist Organiser/Left Unity/SSiN

It is the lineal descendent of the IMG (International Marxist Group) which entered into the Labour Party in the early 80s as Socialist Action and several of whose leading members are close allies of Ken Livingstone. In the 80s it called itself Campaign Students and a leading member was Garry Younge (now a Guardian journo, then NOLS Publicity Officer).

9:28 am, August 22, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Tim said...

Good Job! :)

12:24 pm, August 29, 2008


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