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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Salmond on Burma

Interesting EDM from the Lib Dems:


Mr Michael Moore

Mr Alistair Carmichael

John Thurso

Jo Swinson

* 4

That this House welcomes the recent visit of representatives of the opposition movement in Burma to the Scottish Parliament; expresses its support for their campaign for freedom, justice and democracy in Burma; believes that all countries that share those values should put maximum pressure on the army generals at the head of the Burmese regime; notes that Burma has been heavily criticised by the United Nations for its crackdown on anti-government protests last month and the deaths and suffering caused to unarmed civilians; is therefore outraged that the First Minister of Scotland's most recent communication with the Burmese junta has been to ask for its help and support for his campaign for observer status for Scotland at the United Nations rather than in support of the international response to this crisis; believes that the First Minister could have avoided this situation if he had followed the agreed concordat with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and had discussed his letter to Burma with the FCO before it was sent; reiterates its wholehearted support for the pro-democracy protesters in Burma and condemns the oppressive actions of the military junta past and present; and calls on all political institutions, including the Office of the First Minister, to fully support international efforts to bring peace and democracy to Burma.

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