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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tory lead slashed

ComRes: CON 36 (-3) LAB 25 (+3) LD 19 (+1)

= Tory projected majority of just 10 seats


Anonymous Red Rag said...

The more he calls Brown a liar the more he sounds desperate, has Brown found his personal and political achilles heel?It looks like Brown is at last starting to make the debate rather than follow it. Cameron due to his caution and complete lack of policy, can just boo and hiss from the side.

One poll doesn't make a switch of the public, however another just one or two percent less a lead in the next month and the right of the party who have sat on their hands will start negative off the record comments. The time is right to unleash Mandy and all his expertise.

11:00 pm, June 29, 2009

Anonymous Rich said...

Lol....but Brown is a liar. Brown is the king of spin....he likes to soundoff but never delivers....

Mandy....he might as well be PM. Mandy wants to privatise the Royal Mail, destroy the unions and doesn't give a toss about British workers.....unleash him and see the vast majority of Labour voters run for the hills.

12:20 am, June 30, 2009

Anonymous Harold said...

The Tories always tell the truth, do they? What about Archer and Aitken? I think the Tories will win next year, albeit with a tiny majority. Labour will blow them away in 2014. I'm already having my 'Don't Blame Me I Voted Labour' T-shirts printed.

7:38 am, June 30, 2009

Blogger Mark Still News said...

The parliamentarians are merely puppets for the global elite! It doe's not matter whether its Brown or Cameron the ruling elite are in power not our governments. The Tories may be worse than Labour and all Labour has done is negotiate with the global elite is to have minimal rights such as the Min wage, that was crushed by the weight of the overinflated housing market! To get change for the good we need to go a lot further than parliament and political parties!

4:29 pm, June 30, 2009

Anonymous Fishy said...

Luke someone told me your wife/partner is also a local councillor in Hackney Council. Does this mean you both rake in around £18,000 in expenses every year?

9:43 pm, June 30, 2009

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Yes, the allowances councillors get are a matter of public record.

9:55 pm, June 30, 2009

Blogger Administrator said...

Excellent news. Here in Scotland as Labour collapse, their seats are taken by the natural opposition, the SNP. Hopefully leading to a tight, but essentially democratic Westminster.

8:15 am, July 01, 2009

Anonymous observer's friend said...

Fishy, please note that Luke's partner (not wife) Linda is a brilliant ward councillor and worth her weight in gold. As a council tax payer, I am more than happy to see her get nine, or even 18, thousand a year!

Pick on Luke by all means, he's fair game and even relishes all the attention (don't you, Luke?).

But pick on Linda and I'll come run you down under my wheels!

8:04 pm, July 01, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

so that leaves the other parties on 20 per cent thats interesting i wonder how that breaks down

9:19 pm, July 01, 2009

Anonymous Observer's Foe said...

£18,000 in expenses!!!! Now I know how you can afford that holiday apartmnent in Andalucia

10:33 pm, July 01, 2009


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