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Friday, April 13, 2012

Council by-elections

There have been 4 this week (the Finchley one was on Wednesday):

East Finchley Ward, LB Barnet. Lab hold. Lab 2117 (67.8%, +24.7), Con 543 (17.4%, -8.5), LD 461 (14.8%, -7.7). Swing of 16.6% from Con to Lab since 2010.

Lowdham Ward, Newark & Sherwood DC. Con hold. Con 787 (51.5%), LD 534 (34.9%), Lab 117 (7.7%), Ind 91 (6%). New boundaries so no swing calculation.

Hurworth Ward, Darlington UA. LD hold. LD 474 (43.7%, -12.9), Con 436 (40.2%, +7.9), Lab 144 (13.3%, +2.1), UKIP 31 (2.9%, +2.9). Swing of 10.4% from LD to Con since 2011.

Harrowgate Hill Ward, Darlington UA. Con  gain from Lab. Con 694 (43.8%, +3.2), Lab 607 (38.3%, -21.1), LD 142 (9%, +9), UKIP 95 (6%, +6), England First 47 (3%, +3). Swing of 12.2% from Lab to Con since 2011.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what happened in Darlington!!!

1:27 pm, April 13, 2012

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There were special reasons for Labour's loss in Darlington - the previous Labour councillor has been jailed on paedophilia charges and in the circumstances, the Labour candidate did well to poll as many votes as she did.

Labour's win in East Finchley was most encouraging and shows what happens when only the three main parties contest an election. Those that are fed up with the coalition have their protest choices limited to just two, vote Labour or don't vote at all!

4:42 pm, April 13, 2012

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The other Darlington seat had specific reasons for the pro-Tory swing as well. The previous LibDem councillor had been kicked off the council for non-attendance, but insisted on standing again for them in the byelection.....

The Tory gain, BTW, is their first from Labour in a by-election in over 18 months. Says a lot that it took a sickening sex scandal for that dismal run to be ended.

12:45 am, April 14, 2012


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