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Friday, March 06, 2009

Council By-Election Results

Last night's council by-election results. Not a good night for the Tories at all:

Buxton Ward, Broadland DC. LD gain from Con. LD 555 (71.4%, +50.4), Con 201 (25.8%, -14.6), Green 22 (2.8%, +2.8). Swing of 32.5% from Con to LD since 2007.

Belah Ward, Carlisle BC. Con hold. Con 700 (46.4%, -39.8), Lab 307 (20.3%, -3.4), Ind 221 (14.6%, +14.6), BNP 142 (9.4%, +9.4), LD 79 (5.2%, +5.2), Green 61 (4%, +4). Swing of 18.2% from Con to Lab since 2008. Carlisle is the Tories number 93 parliamentary target.

Castle Ward, Carlisle BC.LD hold. LD 465 (36%, -8.3), Lab 304 (23.5%, -0.1), BNP 255 (19.7%, +19.7), Con 143 (11.1%, -5.1), Green 125 (9.7%, +9.7). Swing of 4.1% from LD to Lab since 2008.

Ravenscliffe Ward, Newcastle Under Lyme BC. Con hold. Con 229 (25.4%, -14.5), Lab 213 (23.6%, +1.2), BNP 180 (20%, +20), LD 149 (16.5%, -2.4), UKIP 131 (14.5%, -4.4). Swing of 7.9% from Con to Lab since 2008.

Atherstone Central Ward, North Warwickshire DC. Lab gain from Con in a split ward. Lab 320 (37.1%, -4.8), Con 221 (25.6%, -17.9), BNP 186 (21.6%, +21.6), Ind 136 (15.8%, +15.8). Swing of 6.6% from Con to Lab since 2007. This is in the number 147 parliamentary target seat for the Tories.

Llandow - Ewenny Ward, Vale of Glamorgan Council. Con hold. Con 612 (69.6%, +3.8), Plaid Cymru 140 (15.9%, -3.4), Lab 127 (14.4%, -0.5). Swing of 3.6% from PC to Con since 2008.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raeding these results suggest two things to me: firstly it's about the fourth week in a row where the Tories have significantly under-performed, suggesting that their real lead is not as high as the polls suggest and secondly (and unfortunately) we ought to get used to the fact that the BNP will win at least one seat in Europe.

I am a general believer in starving the BNP of publicity as actually suggesting they can win only helps them win, but we do need a strategy for them winning a seat in June which both makes clear our contempt for them as a party of thugs and Nazi scum but which also doesn't allow them to play the martyrs of democracy card.

10:01 am, March 06, 2009

Blogger OscottLocal said...

Sadly it does appear that if the BNP stand then they win a substantial portion of the vote. I suspect the BNP will win a seat but just becuase the turnout in Labour areas will be so low as to make the threshold for gaining a seat only a few thousand votes.

10:29 am, March 06, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

getting worried are we well the bnp will go from strength to strength and will get at least 5 meps and good luck to them it might make the house of treason think again about the invasion of our once great country

10:43 am, March 06, 2009

Blogger Theo Blackwell's blog said...

BNP just seem to have a strategy of standing in all local council by-election in order to get publicity.

Do people really think they have enough supporters to standing every English constituency, let alone 54-60 seats on a council?

11:35 am, March 06, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

they dont need to stand in every constituency they just need about ten in each region and as it is proportional representation for the euros and every one in the country will have a chance to vote for them and they only need 8 per cent - 12 per cent of the vote in each region to get an mep elected ,where as in a general election its a first pass the post system where its almost impossible for one of the smaller parties to get elected , the three main paries have it stitched up like that on purpose to prevent anyone dragging their nose out of the trough ,so the euros are in fact democratic as everyone has an equal chance where as in a G.E there is no democracy

12:37 pm, March 06, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

which is why no one effing bothers to vote anymore

12:38 pm, March 06, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leaving aside the conspiracy theories.....

The story here and it does seem to be part of a continuing trend, is not Lab/Con/LD doing well or badly but of the BNP doing well. They didn't win one seat in these results but in the one that did change hands it was highly likely to be down to the BNP taking votes from the Tories - the Labour vote actually went down.

I suppose given the state of the national polls these sort of results aren't too bad for the party but it would be nice to get back to seeing the party's vote share actually increasing.

1:26 pm, March 06, 2009

Blogger Chris Paul said...

The BNP were expecting to win a couple of these. So it's a result. But they do do better second and third time round.

Delighted with the Atherstone result. As I predicted. Where were the Lib Dems? The Greens messed up their nomination.

11:12 pm, March 06, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats rubbish we never thought we would win as its the first time we have stood in these wards but it stands us in good stead the next

4:57 pm, March 07, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking at the disputes that are STILL raging across Britain with respect to foriegn workers, I would be shocked if the BNP don't win more than 2 seats.

This Labour regime is more vile than the last Thatcher government. Arresting organizers of these strikes and placing media blackouts on events is yet just another example of how Labour manipulate the press to their own gain.

I know two steel construction workers, who for the last 20 years have been in work. They did earn approx £25.00 per hour and have lost their jobs to a Spanish contractor who pays his staff just £6.00 per hour.

If the government doesn't act soon they you are going to be looking 4 million unemployed. I don't think the country can afford to pay 4 million to sit around on their backsides.

Worse still those that have lost well paid jobs will almost certainly take lower paid jobs to stay afloat. Again the tax payer will be paying via the credit system.

These people are striking to keep their jobs and are not asking for more pay or better conditions. Surely this says something about the people Labour are attacking. THEY WANT TO WORK.

It is in the tax payers interest to resolve this matter ASAP. If you don't then you should expect nothing less than more growth in BNP support, since this is the only party offering a solution.

Stop moaning and start acting or face the consequences.

9:56 am, March 08, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Labour comfortably held two seats on St Helens MBC Council tonight.
Labour held the Parr seat with a majority of over 300.The real contest was in Rainhill where the Lib Dems tried every trick in the book but still lost out by over 500 votes to Labour's Barrie Grunewald.If you do the work you get the results.

1:00 am, March 13, 2009


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