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Friday, May 08, 2009

Council by-election result

Just one result last night:

Rossmere Ward, Hartlepool UA. Lab hold. Lab 532 (42.3%, +6.1), UKIP 300 (23.9%, -3.8), LD 166 (13.2%, -8), BNP 157 (12.5%, +12.5), Con 102 (8.1%, -6.5). Swing of 5% from UKIP to Lab since 2008.


Anonymous Ted said...

a fantastic result - i was working on the knock out and the secret to our success was simple - hard work, well organised campaign and good VID data. A great job by the CLP and a lesson that can be learnt by all.

11:15 am, May 08, 2009

Blogger Hughes Views said...

Well done Hartlepool CLP. If this result were to be repeated across the UK....

11:34 am, May 08, 2009

Blogger Mark Still News said...

Resist EU Rail Privatisation - No to EU Rail Directives - Yes to Public Services


8:20 pm, May 10, 2009

Blogger Mark Still News said...


8:56 pm, May 10, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you see Nick Griffin on Monday's Daily Politics?

Nervous, yes. But he's a professional. He is frightenly convincing.

The prog pitched in a Searchlight bod for balance but he came across as a lunatic.

Griffin can easily handle Barking grandee Jon Cruddas. If ever that came to a head to head Craparse would be murdered, as would Margaret Hodge, for fuck's sake, and that other tosser with a constituency below the Poplar flyover.

Luke better get active in the next few weeks otherwise he'll have nothing to get active about.

7:55 pm, May 11, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Members of RMT clashed on saturday with members of the BNP in Carlisle as they were out campaigning for for RMT-backed No2EU-Yes to Democracy left-wing coalition which is contesting seats across the UK in next months Euro elections.

.Police were called after the BNP reacted with hostility to No2EU campaigners handing out leaflets in close proximity to the regular BNP street stall in Carlisle. In an hour long standoff RMT/No2EU campaigners refused to be moved on by the BNP.

Shoppers told the No2 EU campaigners that they were delighted that at last someone had had the courage to stand up to the BNP on the streets of Carlisle.

ASLEF activist and No2EU candidate John Metcalfe said:

"The BNP have been leafletting Carlisle City Centre for months and obviously didn't take kindly to being exposed for the fascists that they are by our campaign. They were openly agressive and hostile and it didn't take long before the mask slipped and they started shouting fascist slogans."

Craig Johnston, from RMT Executive and another member of the No2EU slate, added:

"I have lived and worked in and loved the city of Carlisle for 45 years. No one is going to intimidate and harass me off the streets of my home town."

Bob Crow, RMT general secretary and convenor of No2EU, said:

"RMT members and No2EU supporters will not bow to intimidation from the BNP in Carlisle or anywhere else in the country. What today's incident proves is that the BNP are worried about the socialist message of No2EU and it's appeal to voters who are sick of the political elite in the UK and in the EU. No2EU is the only left-wing group challenging the BNP on the streets for the votes of the angry and the disaffected on June 4th. We will be stepping up our campaign in the coming weeks and offering voters a socialist alternative to the poison and hatred of the far right."

8:22 pm, May 12, 2009

Anonymous Makem Joe said...

They are all a bit thick in Hartlepool thats why we call them the Monkey hangers

7:39 pm, May 15, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

BNP 157 (12.5%, +12.5)

Yeah a great result

7:40 pm, May 15, 2009

Anonymous Rich said...

Well I'll be voting for the BNP for the Europeans.

5:04 pm, May 16, 2009


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