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Friday, June 26, 2009

Council by-election

Just one yesterday:

Monifeith & Sidlaw Ward, Angus Council. SNP hold. SNP 2486 (68.6%, +14.3), Con 698 (19.3%, +0.8), LD 439 (12.1%, +4.9). Swing of 6.8% from Con to SNP since 2007.


Blogger Administrator said...

The SNP increased its first preference votes by 15% to 69% - the highest share of the vote for any party in any ward since the current proportional representation voting system was introduced.

Labour failed to field a candidate, despite leafleting the ward, after it was discovered their candidate didn’t qualify for the by-election. Oops.

6:09 pm, June 26, 2009

Blogger Silent Hunter said...

Labour are FINISHED.

And that's because they are so very corrupt & sleazy.

I hope they DIE as a political party because THAT'S what they deserve for fostering an nation that is now INSTITUTIONALLY CORRUPT.

(ex Labour voter 1997) God forgive me for ever voting for them.

6:19 pm, June 26, 2009

Blogger Oldrightie said...

(ex Labour voter 1997) God forgive me for ever voting for them.

I forgive you, don't ever do it again!

6:37 pm, June 26, 2009

Blogger Silent Hunter said...

Wotcha Oldrightie! :o)

Thanks & OK it's a deal.

7:19 pm, June 26, 2009

Anonymous Harold said...

Silent Hunter, I no more believe you ever voted Labour than I do in The Tooth Fairy. Labour will NOT die as a political party. We need it to save us from the chaos and corruption the Tories will inflict on us in the future. It will survive, grow and renew itself. The Tories are already privately admitting that they have not got a clue how to run the country if elected. Don't bank on Cameron getting more than one term.

7:44 pm, June 26, 2009

Blogger Mark Still News said...

Cameron will have to do what brown does, as big business runs this country not the politicians

10:16 pm, June 26, 2009

Blogger Silent Hunter said...


Frankly I don't give a toss what you do, or don't believe . . . the truth remains the same - I DID vote for Labour in 1997 in order to remove, what I saw as a sleazy, corrupt Tory Party little knowing that 'New' Labour would, in 12 short years, reduce our country to an authoritarian, repressive, nascent police state and usher in corruption on a massive scale.

I do not think Cameron is the messiah any more than I think that Brown is a competent leader - but what I do know is that Labour represent the absolute nadir of politics in our country.

So you carry on voting for a Corrupt and deceitful party if you like.

Some of us prefer honesty and integrity in our political system.

11:16 pm, June 26, 2009

Anonymous Rich said...

Looking at how things are unfolding....then I can't see Labour being electable for at least 15 years....just look at the polls.

In those 15 years Labour will have to do some serious soul searching. The unions that support Labour need to be more demanding....the current situation is simply unacceptable. Millions of pounds worth of funding from the unions yet still the worst workers rights in Europe.

Brown is finished politically. He'll be remembered for destroying this country...thats about it. Even the bank of england is turning on him and still we keep hearing Brown on the international stage....talking about blowing more money

12:10 am, June 27, 2009

Blogger Administrator said...

I genuinely feel for lots of the labour activists who have put their heart and soul into supporting a party that appeared to embrace their own political philosophies and beliefs, only to find that in the great experiment to appeal to Middle England they have completely lost sight of their original intent.

A complete root and branch overhaul is required. For a glimpse of what the horror of a Labour Westminster opposition will look like, have a peek at First Ministers Questions from the Scottish Parliament and gaze nonplussed at the negativity, sniping and hysterical yahboosuckery emanating from the Labour bench. McConnell, Alexander and Gray have all shown they are incapable of 'getting over' the belief that government is their right.

11:24 am, June 27, 2009

Anonymous Rab C Nesbitt said...

Wot no Labour?

8:45 pm, June 27, 2009

Blogger Mark Still News said...

I see that the SNP is a fine one to talk!

The party that promised to Nationalise the Scottish railways only renewed the T.O.C.s franchises once elected, the SNP are described as Tory Pussies! They get donations from an owner of a multinational transport company that exploits workers! we n3eed a workers party not a Tory breakaway regional exploiter of workers!

9:25 pm, June 27, 2009

Anonymous Rich said...

Mark, In Scotland they still have affordable rail travel....thanks to the SNP. Whether they can afford to nationalize it is another matter but recent events may give them the will to do so.

The last time I went to London for a meeting it set me back over £120.00..in second class. All our railways companies receive huge amounts of public money...yet they pay huge sums to managing directors and pay dividends.

I can't see the SNP tolerating this at all.

10:33 pm, June 27, 2009

Blogger Mark Still News said...

The SNP are in the pockets of the private companies, as they receive a massive donation from a Scottish owner of Buses and Train operating companies all over the World, could that be a reason why they fail to carry out their pledge to Re-Nationalise the Railways!

4:13 pm, June 28, 2009

Anonymous Observer's friend said...

. . . and why they are dodgy (and not to be trusted) on LGBT rights and equality issues too!

8:07 am, June 29, 2009


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