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Sunday, November 15, 2009

NEC Update

The left Grassroots Alliance slate for next year's elections for the constituency section of Labour's NEC is becoming a bit clearer, following Saturday's AGM of the LRC (Labour Representation Committee). This picked two candidates, incumbent NEC member Christine Shawcroft and blogger Susan Press (http://grimmerupnorth.blogspot.com) so my guess is that the full line-up is Shawcroft, Press, Ken Livingstone, Pete Willsman, Peter Kenyon and Ann Black.

Reading between the lines of this post by Peter Kenyon (http://petergkenyon.typepad.com/peterkenyon/2009/11/compass-building-a-new-political-movement.html) I guess soft left grouping Compass, who also had their AGM on Saturday, have other priorities than elections within the Labour Party.

Personally I spent Saturday at the London Labour Party's General Election briefing for agents. Judging by the amount of campaigning that was reported to be going on or planned around London, and the number of constituencies with full-time staff (far more than when I was a full-timer in 1997) the seat-by-seat battle at the next election may give the Tories some unpleasant surprises.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whilst I appreciate Luke may seek to maintain as many spies in as many pies as possible, the fact that he remains in a titanic struggle with John Spellar and Maggie Cosin to prove himself the greatest opponent of the CLGA slate means he is perhaps not the best person to look for a CLGA update...

As Peter Kenyon notes himself, there are no membership organisation quotas - so the fact supportive organisations of the CLGA nominate certain individuals does not mean they all make the final slate...and also means there may be other names emerging...

4:08 am, November 16, 2009

Blogger John Wiseman said...

There is a long way to go yet in the CLGA elections. I would suspect it is still not over for me and gary heather.

John WIseman

12:28 pm, November 16, 2009


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