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Monday, May 03, 2010

Glass Half Full

I'm an optimist. Need to be in times like these.

So here's my mantra for the next three days.

Labour supporters repeat after me:

"We have been in power for 13 years.

We are only 5% behind the Tories 72 hours before trying to secure a fourth term.

We can do it."

Now go back out there, hammer on more doors, deliver more leaflets, get that tiny 2.5% swing from the Tories needed to put us ahead of them in the popular vote. Win that Victory for the True Believers. Read this if you want to know how it'll feel to win a 4th term from behind in the polls: http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/1993_True_Believers_speech. Labor Down Under did it. So can we.

Let's hope that on Friday morning Gordon can quote this:

"But most particularly to those people in the Labor party who never lose faith, never lose heart and are there at the polling booths to work and to fight for good things. Thank you. The people who never give up, who always keep on believing who are always there no matter how heavy the travails may be. To you I say thank you very much indeed, thank you again. Thank you for believing."


Anonymous mark said...

Ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha ha

perleeease ha ha ha

ha ha ha

biggest laugh ever

7:11 pm, May 03, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luke, I admire your optimism. And you're right, it is important. I am standing locally for a different party but always enjoy this blog as one of the more thoughtful on the left. There's no denying your enthusiasm and commitment to the cause.

Good luck Thursday, locally with your own campaign and nationally. My own view is Labour will be perilously close to having just 200 seats in the Commons. But we will see.

7:28 pm, May 03, 2010

Anonymous Balls Up! said...


Ooh please stop my sides

'Vote Lib Dem to stop the Tories winning marginals'

Says your Stoke Newington neighbour Ed Balls


7:57 pm, May 03, 2010

Anonymous Diane said...

Luke, your blog is a breath of fresh air! My friend Sioned gave me the link. Labour is not over yet and we have been played a very hard card by the press. Even tonight, the BBC and Sky did not cover Gordon's speech today at Westminster. Yes, let's get out and canvass and do whatever we can in the coming days. Every vote counts and we can win them. Good luck at your end. We are doing our best in Hampstead and Kilburn. We need to save Children's Centres, the Child Trust Fund and Tax Credits from the Tories.

9:11 pm, May 03, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hard card by the press, Diane?

Well, there's me and about 50m others who think you've made a Horlicks of it.

4:56 am, May 04, 2010

Anonymous The end is near said...

Hard done by the press??!?

Yeah right the BBC is the communications department of the Labour Party.

You'll be blaming Maggie Thatcher next.

7:30 am, May 04, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently Diane Abbott been spotted actually out knocking on a few doors in Stokie - unheard of! she must be rattled enough to get off the cosy sofa with Portillo

2:21 pm, May 04, 2010


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