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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Lib Dems cash in

You'd think everyone at Lib Dem HQ would be busy trying to win the General Election.

But one member of staff found time today to email potential conference sponsors, taking advantage of the sudden attractiveness of their event to big business:

"From: Conferences [mailto:conferences@libdems.org.uk]
Sent: 05 May 2010 15:57
Subject: NEW! Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities Brochure - Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference
Importance: High

Dear All,

2010 is proving to be an exciting year for the Liberal Democrats! This is your chance to get in early and gain maximum exposure for your organisation, brand or cause by taking advantage of our many sponsorship and branding opportunities .

Please find attached our brand new sponsorship and branding brochure detailing the opportunities available at our upcoming Autumn Conference in Liverpool 18-22 September 2010."

The new politics in action? Buy your slice of Nick Clegg while stocks last ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's because Conference office is separate from Campaigns, and it's always good to plan ahead.

So, the precise point of your blogpost was...?

6:49 pm, May 05, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let us not forget Labour's very strong corporate links especially to the arms manufacturers.

As Robin Cook stated in his book
"Point of Departure".

"In my time I came to learn that the Chairman of British Aerospace appeared to have the key to the garden door to Number 10. Certainly I never once knew Number 10 to come up with any decision that would be incommoding to British Aerospace".

I must have missed Luke's criticism of such activity.

4:21 pm, May 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Millipede in eve-of-result pact with Crappas on succession to talentless bigot about to smile (Daily Mai).

Is that all that it really adds up to?

If I were you, after all the stuff you've run through here, I'd feel gutted.

All those honest people ... they really deserve something noble and uplifting, rather than this shambles of petty scumbuggery.

If I see Brown in the street I won't have a problem about peeing on his leg.

10:00 pm, May 06, 2010

Anonymous Dirty Euro said...

Labour must not be bullied into letting the tories take power, when they did NOT win.

8:50 am, May 07, 2010

Anonymous Dirty Euro said...

Labour and liberal democrats have won over 50% of the vote.
This is a serious point
The tory press, media, and broadcasters, will try to con everyone to pretend we have voted for a right wing society.
Conservatives = 36%.
50% voted for lIb Lab
Another few % voted SNP, Plaid Cymru, Green.
There is a clear present centre left – Left wing major.
In Northern Ireland the UUP have lost votes so you tories have less seats in Wales, Scotland and Ulster than the Lib Dems.

9:51 am, May 07, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lib Dems just actually committed suicide. I take it all back Luke, you had it right all along - absolutely unreal. Why would you reject the one and only chance of PR - why? So so so stupid.

Next election (wheneve that might be) Lib Dems will struggle to get 18%, three seats.... give or take.

11:46 am, May 07, 2010

Anonymous Appalled said...

Gloria De Piero and Jack Dromey stroll into Parliament destroying safe seat majorities. Makes me puke. Absolutely disgusting

9:51 pm, May 07, 2010

Anonymous Appalled said...

Gloria De Piero and Jack Dromey stroll into Parliament destroying safe seat majorities. Makes me puke. Absolutely disgusting

9:51 pm, May 07, 2010

Anonymous Appalled said...

Gloria De Piero and Jack Dromey stroll into Parliament destroying safe seat majorities. Makes me puke. Absolutely disgusting

9:51 pm, May 07, 2010

Anonymous Appalled said...

Gloria De Piero and Jack Dromey stroll into Parliament destroying safe seat majorities. Makes me puke. Absolutely disgusting

9:51 pm, May 07, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, it "appalled" you so much you needed to repeat it four times, dickhead ;-)

The Ashfield result in particular is rather more to do with the outgoing MP - I would have thought that obvious to a fairly bright six year old........

12:49 am, May 08, 2010

Blogger southhackneypunter said...

Pardon my dust, perhaps I've spun off into a separate universe this week, but from where I'm sitting this looks like a truly dreadful election night for the Lib Dems ... 'Cleggmania'? Hardly, LibDems struggled to get the same share of the national vote as they did in 2005, in doing so they lost 5 seats in Parliament this time round, and in the locals they lost their crown jewels - Camden, Islington, Liverpool, Richmond, Winchester it goes on and on ...

6:54 am, May 08, 2010

Anonymous Rich said...

Bad night for labour as well I think. Massive problem now is that labour don't have enough votes for a coalition and even if you could clegg won't work with brown.

Clegg is now close to betraying his own supporters by forming a government with cameron. This I find hard to understand considering cleggs view on Europe.

What a disaster.

7:41 pm, May 08, 2010

Blogger southhackneypunter said...

NB: - Oops, my mistake - the Lib Dems of course gained Winchester City Council ...

9:43 am, May 09, 2010

Anonymous Ed said...

"Labour and liberal democrats have won over 50% of the vote"

By the same argument the Conservatives and the Lib-Dems have won over 65% of the vote. It's disingenuous to suggest that Lib-Dem voters overwhelmingly voted for their party to prop-up a deeply unpopular Brown. It's some stretch of the imagination to imagine that constituencies like Bath, Cheltenham and Eastbourne really voted for that outcome.

It takes some mental gymnastics to turn a heavy defeat for Labour and a disappointing result for the Liberal Democrats into a "progressive victory".

7:29 pm, May 09, 2010

Blogger Mark Still News said...

How many of the Lib/Dem votes were actually disillusioned Labour voters who would never consider voting Tory, but voted the Lib/Dems because they could not vote for the dreadful Labour Cabinet and leadership?

The Lib-Dems have certainly shown their true colours now and can rightfully be called Yellow Tories?

8:51 pm, May 09, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Labour needs to recuperate and get back to representing its own class and win the Trade unions over?

8:53 pm, May 09, 2010

Anonymous Anon E Mouse said...

Dirty Euro - Repeat after me.

Gordon Brown cost Labour the general election. We lost because of Gordon Brown. No one elected Brown as Labour leader and no one elected Brown as PM.

We now have years of irrelevance in the UK because of weak people like yourself who didn't demand members of the PLP stand up to Brown and his other bullies and thugs in Downing Street - Whelean, Byrne, Draper, Dromey - you all know who they are and you did nothing Dirty Euro or other people like you.

Weak individuals like you Dirty Euro are a scourge to true Labour voters and you should be ashamed of yourself. Clear off and find another party to support. This isn't a game of football.

Now just get over Labour losing and move on and whatever it is you're smoking to post that view send me some....

11:29 pm, May 09, 2010

Anonymous Rich said...

The reality is brown can't resign until the conservatives make a move. That's unless the lib dems offer s coalition with labour but this is slim while brown is pm. The conservatives have the upper hand and three options.

1 to form a minority government

2 form a coalition

3 approach the queen for another election. Which would be granted.

Surely the pm knows it's over and it's time to quit. If he had resigned post results then maybe clegg may have approached labour.

Labour can't afford another election nor the lib dems so the best possible outcome is a lib conservative coalition.

11:59 pm, May 09, 2010

Anonymous Manana said...

The vast majority of British people did not vote Conservative last Thursday. A David Cameron led Tory Government would therefore be an insult to three-quarters of the electorate. Let Brown stay and work with the Lib Dems. Cameron had his chance and blew it. He should resign and make way for David Davis.

7:03 am, May 10, 2010

Anonymous Anon E Mouse said...

Manana - Give it up.

Brown lost the election - it's over and since that moron was never even elected as leader of the Labour Party why should the electorate have voted for him?

He has taken Labour to it's biggest drubbing since the 1920's, we have lost 91 seats and you claim Cameron didn't win the election?

Dude you really need to get a grip.

Silly responses like yours will keep Labour out of power for years...

8:44 am, May 10, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon E Mouse How did labour lose. If that is so why is your tory hero not in 10 downing street?
Its not over till the fat lady starts singing.
I still see no fat lady singing.

10:40 am, May 10, 2010

Anonymous Anon E Mouse said...

Anonymous - I'm no Tory voter, never have been but I'm also not stupid or tribal and I want to see, dare I say it, a "New" Labour...

How did Labour lose? hmmmmmmm

Greatest loss of seats in one election... Nearly as unpopular as Michael Foot... Tories greatest number of both votes and seats since the 1930's and better than Thatcher...

The longer silly unrealistic views like yours are tolerated the longer our period of irrelevance.

The choice is ours - keep living in the last century wishing we'd won the election or regroup and start a party that people want to vote for...

And the reason Cameron isn't in Downing St is because the unelected, General Election losing twat who lives in there won't go. He has no shame...

11:31 am, May 10, 2010

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