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Friday, June 25, 2010

NEC Nominations

Constituency Labour Parties up and down the country have started nominating not just for the leadership but also for the National Executive Committee and National Policy Forum.

I'm pleasantly surprised by how many nominations I'm picking up for the NEC.

Ones I'm aware of so far:

Bethnal Green & Bow
Brighton Kemptown
Bromley & Chislehurst
Cambourne & Redruth
Chelsea & Fulham
Croydon South
Doncaster North
Hackney North & Stoke Newington
Hackney South & Shoreditch
Hornsey & Wood Green
Hull North
Leeds North East
Leeds West
Liverpool Riverside
Poplar & Limehouse
Salford & Eccles


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You also have one from Kingston and Surbiton.

2:24 pm, June 25, 2010

Anonymous Kingstonian said...

I was at the CLP meeting and I don't think he does - though he was the top placed loser and was only one vote behind the bottom placed winner, so it was close.

Kingston and Surbiton nominated Sam Tarry, Ellie Reeves, Ann Black, Ken Livingstone, Christine Shawcroft and Deborah Gardiner, in that order of votes.

6:51 pm, June 25, 2010

Anonymous Andrea said...

An interesting development in the NEC race, Peter Wilsman has apparently failed to get the nomination from his own CLP (source: Teresa Pearce twitter). So he's out of the race.

10:04 am, June 26, 2010

Blogger John Wiseman said...

I have

Warrington South
St helens South and Whiston

That I know of

John Wiseman

8:49 pm, June 28, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Quite interested to see that Sam Tarry doesn't advertise his Compass credentials in the Grassroots Alliance leaflet? Bit embarrassed about it these days?

11:25 pm, June 28, 2010

Anonymous Matty said...

To anonymous:
At least Compass Youth is listed as one of the supporting organisations on the leaflet. However, you will look in vain for a mention of Labour First in the publicity of Luke, Peter Wheeler etc

11:53 am, July 01, 2010


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