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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Where the axe has fallen

The details of the Coalition's cuts to local government are here: http://www.communities.gov.uk/documents/localgovernment/xls/1611273.xls

The geography of where the axe has fallen is interesting. The cuts were capped at a maximum 2%.

The 20 local authorities suffering the deepest cuts are:

Ashfield 2%
Barrow 2%
Bolsover 2%
Burnley 2%
Great Yarmouth 2%
Hastings 2%
Hyndburn 2%
Norwich 2%
Pendle 2%
Blackburn 1.7%
NE Lincs 1.5%
S Tyneside 1.4%
Blackpool 1.4%
Chesterfield 1.4%
Thanet 1.4%
St Helens 1.3%
Middlesbrough 1.3%
Woking 1.3%
Knowsley 1.3%

So with the exception of Woking, mainly places that are already under great economic pressure getting an even worse hit.

Whilst the lowest cuts were felt in a set of hmmm, rather more diverse authorities:

Gosport 0.2%
Dartford 0.2%
Worthing 0.2%
Wyre Forest 0.2%
Ashford 0.2%
Mendip 0.2%
Gravesham 0.2%
Tendring 0.2%
Basildon 0.2%
Erewash 0.2%
Amber Valley 0.2%
Havant 0.2%
Sedgemoor 0.2%
South Kesteven 0.2%
Carlisle 0.2%
Mansfield 0.2%
Lincoln 0.2%
Cherwell 0.2%
Newcastle-under-Lyme 0.2%
South Somerset 0.2%
Bassetlaw 0.2%
Waveney 0.1%
City of London 0.1%
Scarborough 0.1%
Huntingdonshire 0.1%
Lancaster 0.1%
Canterbury 0.1%
Ipswich 0.1%
Exeter 0.1%


Anonymous Rich said...

To me it feels like the conservatives are using the deficit as an excuse to push forward their very right wing agenda.

I also feel that we could also face an election by the end of the summer. The effects of these cuts won't be felt for 8 months and I fear the Tories may use soaring poll popularity to get an overall majority before we start losing jobs. People think they want cuts but what Tories fail to explain is what these cuts mean. We want to cut the pay of top civil servants but these are peanuts in the grand scheme of things.

The lib dems are being very short sighted and I've yet to see what they are getting out of this deal.

6:01 pm, June 14, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

An interesting spread, and with the exception of East Anglia and Worthing and Blackpool mainly ex-mining areas.

The Tories still resent Gormley and the lads taking the ministerial cars away from them in 1974.

And I do concur that the Tories are using this Crisis to manufacture a drama.


9:58 pm, June 14, 2010

Blogger Man in a Shed said...

Woking's under plenty of economic pressure thanks. Much of it caused by years of being bled dry by central govt. Its a tiny drop in a tiny grant for us.

Labour, with its anti-English bias, discriminated against England in general and the South East in particular for a decade. Some of that is bound to be unwound.

You really can't run a country by just borrowing money all the time and spending it on the type on non-jobs advertised in the Guardian.

Brown ran a structural deficit even in the good times just for political expediency ( ie allowing his mindless Tory cuts campaigns to run ). He and the Labour party are directly responsible for any adjustments that have to be made by the other political parties.

6:23 pm, June 15, 2010


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