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Friday, July 16, 2010

Update on leadership election

My post on Monday already needs updating. Key changes since then:

Ballot papers for all the internal Labour elections are now going out a bit later - starting on 1 September, with a second batch after the deadline for new members to join and participate, which is 8 September.

Several TUs and socialist societies nominated this week - listed in size order:
GMB - Ed Miliband
CWU - Ed Balls, with Ed M as second preference
UCATT - Ed Miliband, with Ed B as second preference
ASLEF - Diane Abbott
Socialist Health Association - Ed Miliband

CLP nominations (the ones received by the party - lots of CLPs met this week and are not included in these figures) now stand at:

David Miliband - 56
Ed Miliband - 46
Andy Burnham - 15
Diane Abbott - 11
Ed Balls - 5


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aren't these union and CLP nominations really somewhat meaningless - are there still people out there who cannot make up their own minds on how to vote in the leadership without some democratic centralist instruction. Given that my union leaders tend to be somewhat self selecting I doubt I will then follow their instructions on how to vote.

1:24 pm, July 16, 2010

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