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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

DLA Cuts

I wrote recently about the dreadful Coalition cuts to DLA mobility allowance for disabled people in care homes.

Good to see Douglas Alexander picking up on this issue here:

A PQ out today confirms that 80,000 people will be affected by this not 60,000 as they originally claimed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Labour would have done the same.

Frank Field think tank MP the same advisor to Brown is now advising Cameron-how ironic!

5:52 pm, December 07, 2010

Blogger Robert said...

The DWP have just made a statement that DLA will end in 2013/4 making it impossible for people to get the New PIP benefit unless your dying.

This would make Gordon brown proud since it was him that put forward that this benefit end for all, the Tories have taken him at his word....

11:11 am, December 08, 2010


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