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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Progress Column

I've used my Progress column this week to call on people to come forward as Labour council candidates in less-winnable areas where we have not fielded a full slate of candidates in recent elections:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great article

But what is the Party doing to chase candidates/CLP's
to make this a reality ??

I know for example in the NHS the threat of privatisation means lots of staff want to stand as candidates to get back at the Tories/Lib Dem

Workers in struggle would make excellent candidates and revitalise the Party in many rural areas

10:48 pm, March 09, 2011

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

It's a priority for all the regional offices.

I will be asking about progress at NEC Organisation Cttee next week.

12:01 pm, March 10, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We could get affiliates to ring around if we know where gaps were ??

We can do this !

deadline for nominations 4th April

worker in struggle

2:32 pm, March 10, 2011

Blogger Merseymike said...

Good. Particularly this year when we don't wish to encourage FibDem voting at all

6:49 pm, March 10, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luke can we also establish shire Labour web sites

CS Blog

10:31 pm, March 10, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Political decisions can and will change our lives. We have seen our pay cut in real terms, our jobs extinguished, our pension changed with further radical changes just announced by the Government, our services reduced or externalised (TUPE).

There are approximately 21,000 local authority workers, most of whom will be eligible to vote, along with many other public service workers, e.g. Police, Fire, NHS, Teachers, BBC, Environment Agencies, Armed forces, Charity Groups etc etc. If we all vote this May we can & will make a difference.

Many countries still do not have political systems that even give their citizens the right to vote. While they continue to fight for this right, we should consider it our responsibility to vote.

Find out who represents you and discuss your concerns. Many of us have the chance to make a difference this May so please take this opportunity, where the right to vote is a privilege won after hundreds of years and many battles, to use your vote in May - as your choice can make a difference to the society we live in.

Broadland District Council

Breckland Council

Great Yarmouth Borough Council

King's Lynn & West Norfolk Council


North Norfolk District & Parish Council


Norwich City Council

South Norfolk District & Parish Council

Many local elections are taking place for Councillors in Norfolk, this May: please take the opportunity to vote.

2:19 pm, March 11, 2011


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