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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Progress Column

My Progress column this week is about my return to doorstep canvassing after two years of limited mobility: http://www.progressives.org.uk/columns/column.asp?c=670


Anonymous Anonymous said...

having spent a large part of this year plumbed and wired into an acute care bed in Merthyr,a double compound fracture of the leg and 2 operations and, a mild postoperative stroke I can sympathise with you.Ihave now graduated to two sticks and by indtalling a childslarge key key board I can now use the internet again. My voice is not recovered enoughh to use a loudhailer, and i have to drink my beer with the aid of a straw, it is strange to be sitting this eection out, so I can sympathise with you. in a way you were fortunate that LBHis notnoted for its hills and steep slopes I have just received the textof a councillors newletter to format edit and print inserting the Welsh assembly results when they are known tonight

ao keep up the goodwork and to adapt the old navy toast may we wish the condems "a bloody war or a sickley season."


1:58 pm, May 05, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A good article apart, perhaps, from the third paragraph from the bottom.

4:37 pm, May 05, 2011

Anonymous Rich said...

Voted this year but not seen much of our mps at the doorstep.

Looking at the photos of all the political leaders at the polling centres, Nick Clegg looks by far the most nervous.

What a stupid mistake trusting the tories. By the looks of the exit poll Yes vote is going to get hammered and there won't be many lib dem councils left at the end of it.

Before we hail this as a great victory I fear that this result may not be too great for Labour either. If the tories make gains and through boundary reform Labour may find it impossible to win an outright majority.

We have to realise the lib dems are about to be overtaken by UKIP. UKIP will nearly always fall in line with the tories if need be.

This isnt a great day for our democracy......

11:32 pm, May 05, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like the LIB Dems are taking the brunt of this anti working class coalition, but the Tories remain robustly rooted, so we have to hit the Tories right in the heart when it comes to campaigning or we could end up with another coalition.

10:11 am, May 06, 2011

Anonymous Rich said...

My analysis of the results:

Lib dems hope of any
sort power have been shattered.

Labour are winning back seats but are making little difference to the Tories.

Tories look like they will be able to achieve a majority at the next general if you factor in boundary changes.

The big question is what is stratergy for stopping of a conservative government.

6:37 pm, May 06, 2011

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the bloody point of canvassing?

You've got son of psycho liability as your leader complete with dreadful dress crash as companion.

You've just been wiped out by an ungrateful bunch of wee laddies and lassies which are like their football team: full of piss and wind and can't kick a ball to save their lives.

Most of all you've got the collective liabilities on this site for an audience who like nothing better than to wave their willies and fannies for a mass masturbiathon.

You're going to be 60 before you even get a sniff.

Canvassing? Isn't it just a tad immoral and dirty to blag out a punter knowing all this.

3:58 pm, May 07, 2011

Anonymous Rich said...

Anon, once people see the results of
nhs reforms, cuts etc labour will be back in power. I don't think it will be at the next general looking at the results....unless the economic outlook get worse.

It's just a pitty the last government refused to listen.

6:50 am, May 09, 2011


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