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Friday, March 23, 2012

Campaigning in Andrew Lansley's backyard

I've been asked to publicise this:

"Dear Supporters,

I write this message as the Labour and Co-operative Party candidate for Queen Edith’s ward, Cambridge. On 3rd May we have an election for our local council where Labour stand a realistic chance of taking control of the council and we need your help.

Our council covers two parliamentary seats, Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire. My ward is within South Cambridgeshire where Andrew Lansley is our MP. It has one of the largest hospitals in the UK, Addenbrooke’s, where my daughter is currently a nurse.

Many of you do not have elections in May and have spent most of the last year shaking your fist at the TV, writing on social media sites and campaigning for unions against the ConDem’s NHS reforms.

Do you want to help dethrone a Lib Dem councillor, help send Andrew Lansley a clear message in his own backyard and help Labour take control of a council? Why not take that shaking fist and use it to knock on doors, why not use that social media time to deliver a few leaflets and why not come out on Saturday 31st March and turn positive utterances into positive action. Please join us by clicking on this facebook link >>> http://alturl.com/btgd5

Best wishes,

Sue Birtles
Labour and Co-operative candidate"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately despite all our efforts the reforms made it through.

I was chatting to my dentist a month ago and he and many others are of the opinion that NHS healthcare is going to be very basic at best. He explained that the NHS is already massively under funded and what David Cameron wants from the budget he has in mind will deliver very little healthcare.

7:56 pm, March 24, 2012


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