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Friday, March 02, 2012

NEC Nominations

The Labour Party are publishing the NEC nominations they receive each Friday. There is a time-lag in submitting by some CLPs so, for instance, I have been told I have been nominated by 76 CLPs but only 36 have submitted so far. My running list of where I've been told I've been nominated is here: http://www.luke4nec.org.uk/nominations/. However, the Party's figures are comparing like-with-like so show relative progress between candidates.

The left's Jon Lansman covered this last Friday: http://www.leftfutures.org/2012/02/nec-elections-centre-left-leads-the-field/

At that stage I was in 8th place, the same ranking I had in final CLP nominations last time in 2010, though I moved up from 8th to 6th place in the OMOV ballot (presumably my support is better in larger CLPs and my online presence helped).

This week's updated figures put me joint 6th place with Peter Willsman from the leftwing Grassroots Alliance slate. It's an election for 6 seats so, as expected, it looks nip-and-tuck whether I will get back on or not:

Ann Black 84 CLPs   (Grassroots Alliance - GRA)
Ellie Reeves 50   (Labour First/Progress - LFP)
Ken Livingstone 50 (GRA)
Christine Shawcroft 49 (GRA)
Johanna Baxter 40 (Independent - IND)
Luke Akehurst 36 (LFP)
Peter Willsman 36 (GRA)
Peter Wheeler 35 (LFP)
Kate Osamor 27 (GRA)
Florence Nosegbe 20 (LFP)
Ruth Smeeth 15 (LFP)
Joanne Milligan 14 (LFP)
Gary Heather 13 (GRA)
Lewis Atkinson 12 (IND)
Shaukat Ali 5 (IND)
John Wiseman 1 (IND)
Narinder Matharoo 1 (IND)
Zahida Abbas Noori 1 (IND)

The nominations deadline in 30th March.

Another way to look at it is the percentage of last time's total nominations that each of us has already received (e.g. Ann Black 84/275×100).

This is a crude measure of the change in popularity of candidates since 2010 relative to each other:

Johanna Baxter 61.5%
Luke Akehurst 43.9%
Christine Shawcroft 30.6%
Ann Black 30.5%
Ellie Reeves 27.5%
Pete Wheeler 26.5%
Pete Willsman 26.3%
Ken Livingstone 21.3%

Let me know here if you are supporting me: http://www.luke4nec.org.uk/register-your-support/ - in this very close election I need your support if you support what I stand for and the work I am doing for the Party.


Anonymous Will said...

where is Labour publishing the nominations?

5:42 pm, March 04, 2012

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

On Membersnet in the legal hub section.

7:52 pm, March 07, 2012


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