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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My columns this week:

On Labourlist about 1992: http://labourlist.org/2012/04/i-am-still-haunted-by-the-ghosts-of-1992/

And on Progress about this May's elections: http://www.progressonline.org.uk/2012/04/11/no-no-go-areas/


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luke makes some very good points.
Competence is the thing that really matters for Labour to win.

The 1992 result clearly shows that abandoning principles does not necessarily make Labour electable.
Instead, it demoralised people and made Labour look unprincipled.

The competence issue was accidentally raised in a recent newspaper article by Roy Hattersley:

"I freely admit that we had no idea how to deal with the Sun's vulgar abuse" he said.

Why the hell not? It is not as if it had never happened before.
In fact, it had happened loads of times. Labour should have looked into this problem after the 1983 election.

Why on earth would people trust a clueless party to run the country?

1:02 pm, April 12, 2012

Anonymous Nick Crofts said...

An excellent piece on '92 with exactly the right lessons learned from that catastrophic defeat.

10:08 am, April 13, 2012

Blogger johnpaul said...

Anonymouis were things like rentionalisng council homes principles, it was Tony benn convincing the Loubr party we lsot in 79 becasue it was' tleft wing enough,Although Kinnock endorsed much of hte 83 Mnifesto, teh Publics Top 5 issues were the Economy, Defence law transport and low tax,Altohugh most of htese had been sorted by 92 as Kinnock was more interested in Schools NHS, which were the Publics 7th and 8th most inportant issues,it wasn't unpricnciple it was just hwe was seen out of touch erven, if hed' changed his mind on Eurpoe defence, coucnil homes etc.

5:49 pm, April 14, 2012

Anonymous Anonymous said...


On the subject of council houses, this is another issue that Labour should have seen coming. One person who did was Joe Haines, interestingly enough.

The Labour Party has often been identified with bureaucracy and drab uniformity. It should have recognised this. Does it really matter if front doors are a different colour?

So perhaps some plan to allow people to buy their council houses would have been appropriate. The devil is in the detail and the money would have to have been used to build replacements.

On the subject of nuclear weapons, the Labour Party was wrong to support them and did not benefit from doing so.

I trust this helps.

1:33 pm, April 16, 2012


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