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Monday, April 02, 2012

NEC Nominations

The nominations phase for the NEC elections seems to have been going on forever. In fact it has been three months.

Nominations closed on Friday and the final figures for candidates validly nominated are:

Ann Black 333 CLPs (Grassroots Alliance - GRA)
Christine Shawcroft 203 (GRA)
Ken Livingstone 195 (GRA)
Ellie Reeves 189 (Labour First/Progress - LFP)
Johanna Baxter 172 (Independent - IND)
Luke Akehurst 160 (LFP)
Peter Willsman 149 (GRA)
Peter Wheeler 147 (LFP)
Kate Osamor 103 (GRA)
Darren Williams 84 (GRA)
Joanne Milligan 76 (LFP)
Ruth Smeeth 71 (LFP)
Florence Nosegbe 69 (LFP)
Gary Heather 49 (GRA)
Lewis Atkinson 39 (IND)
Shaukat Ali 20 (IND)
Rajwant Sidhu 7 (IND)
Darrell Goodliffe 5 (IND)
Rob Carr 4 (IND)
Lynda Rice 4 (IND)

The OMOV ballot is likely to run from 25th May to 13th June. Labour members can each cast up to six votes. The six candidates with the most OMOV votes will be elected.

Another way to look at it is the percentage of last time's total nominations that each of us has already received (e.g. Ann Black 333/275×100).

This is a crude measure of the change in popularity of candidates since 2010 relative to each other:

Johanna Baxter 264.6%
Luke Akehurst 195.1%
Christine Shawcroft 126.9%
Ann Black 121.1%
Pete Wheeler 111.4%
Pete Willsman 108.7%
Ellie Reeves 103.8%
Ken Livingstone 83.0%

I'm delighted to have been nominated by almost twice as many CLPs as last time in 2010.
It's quite astonishing that so many CLPs have nominated in a year when there isn't a leadership election at the same time, as there was in 2010 (all except one of the 8 leading candidates has been nominated by more CLPs than last time). I think this is probably down to the higher profile of activity across the six incumbents driving awareness of the role and the contest.

It looks all to play for - any two of us in the nomination list places 5-8 inclusive could take the bottom two places in the 6 to be elected, or one of the lower ranked candidates at nomination stage might jump up the rankings at OMOV as I did in 2010 when I was 8th at  nomination stage but finished 6th.


Anonymous Ann Black said...

Actually 333 nominations, Luke (and 121.1%) ... and thanks to everyone :-)


7:47 am, April 03, 2012

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...


9:15 am, April 03, 2012

Blogger johnpaul said...

There a list? of the PLP's that nominated people

10:01 am, April 03, 2012

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Yes, available for members to look at on Membersnet on the party website

11:27 am, April 03, 2012

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When do we receive ballots?

11:39 pm, April 05, 2012

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Probably 25th May

8:25 pm, April 09, 2012


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