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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

LabourList Column

First of my new regular Labourlist columns:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Then, because the Party had moved so far to the extremes in the early 1980s"

The idea that Labour had moved far to the left is an exaggeration. The leadership and most of the PLP supported the Falklands War during this period.

12:35 pm, January 15, 2014

Anonymous Alan Ji said...

Delegates heading for the venue at "ICC London" should get off the DLR at Prince Regent, not at Custom House.
DLR trains bound for Beckton at the weekend leave both Tower Gateway and Stratford International every 10 minutes, Canning Town every 5 minutes.
If I was arriving in London at St Pancras or Kings Cross, I would have a through ticket to Stratford International and get the DLR from there.

8:48 pm, January 16, 2014


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