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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Once a student hack...

My day has been made (I'm easily pleased) by discovering that I'm listed on the Labour Students (once known as NOLS) website as one of their Honorary Vice-Presidents - http://www.labourstudents.org.uk/index.php?id=3566

I think this is because I donate money to them (a cash for honours scandal?) but in any case I'm very chuffed - particularly as I'm in such illustrious company on the list.

Actually I should be thanking them rather than them thanking me - the six years I spent in student politics were the best political and organisational training it's possible to get and provided me with a network of friends and comrades that I've stayed in touch with ever since.


Blogger El Tom said...

ooh, I think I might donate a bit lol

11:45 pm, June 21, 2006


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