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Sunday, September 24, 2006

An interesting sense of priorities

There are nine groups of contemporary resolutions, of which delegates are voting to prioritise eight to actually be debated this week.

The unions get to choose 4 subjects, so there is no point constituency delegates voting for any of them when they choose their own 4 priority subjects.

Which means effectively that constituency delegates are choosing 4 topics from 5.

"Campaign Briefing", the fetching yellow instruction sheet for leftie delegates incapable of making up their own mind (published in a rare display of unity by CLPD, the Grassroots Alliance and the Campaign Group of MPs) has therefore set out which 4 its massed ranks (or more likely dozen or so) of delegates should support.

The policy they don't want prioritised for debate is SERA's model motion on Climate Change.

Does this mean that little things like the future of the planet are viewed by the comrades as a bourgeois deviation from the class struggle?


Anonymous Andrea said...

it's because they know you would have accused them to be tree-huggers! :wink:

Seriously speaking, what are the subjects they ask to vote for?

5:27 pm, September 24, 2006

Anonymous Duncan said...

I can assure you that climate change is very high up our priorities (for example, look at this recent article by Alan Simpson). The issue is obviously about what delegates can most usefully debate this week.

6:57 pm, September 24, 2006

Anonymous Andrea said...

Ah, I've just seen the 4 subject they ask to vote for (Housing, BNP, Single Equalities Act and Middle East)

8:10 pm, September 24, 2006

Anonymous Janine said...

Ah, so if 'Campaign Briefing' had dropped the Housing resolution, you'd have said they don't care about the most basic conditions in which people live; BNP, they're not worried about the fascists; Single Equalities Act, they don't give a toss about equalities meaning they're probably bigots; and Middle East - shit, they don't even care about loads of people dying.

Really, Luke, this is piss-weak argument and you know it.

Mind you, there may not even have needed to be a resolution on Housing if the Labour government had carried out the Housing policy passed by the last two Labour Party conferences, eh?

10:01 am, September 25, 2006


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