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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Progress Conference Soundtrack

The otherwise excellent Progress Conference today had a few hiccups with the TUC's (which was the venue) choice of piped music.

In the conference hall: an excellent medley of Motown hits, unfortunately featuring Jimmy Ruffin's "What becomes of the broken hearted" and Smokey Robinson's "Tears of a clown".

In the gents toilets: the equally excellent but equally unfortunate Cavalleria Rusticana by Mascagni, better known as the opera music from the finale of the Godfather Part 3 when most of the lead characters get assassinated. In a week when most of Labour's MPs seemed to have thought (in the words of a former NOLS Chair) that "politics is like gangster movies without the guns" this was apt.

Maybe someone at the TUC was trying to make a point.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go on, which former Chair of NOLS said that?

4:26 pm, September 10, 2006

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Not Tom.

5:55 pm, September 10, 2006


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