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Friday, September 08, 2006

Write-in Candidate for Leader

I would like to nominate for the Labour Leadership Neil Kinnock.


  • He's ginger
  • Sound politics
  • Neither Brownite nor Blairite
  • Previous experience of getting most of the current antagonists to work together.
  • Popular in Wales, and according to some of the arguments this week the Welsh Assembly elections in themselves justify a change of PM
  • Should never have had to step down in 1992 and deserves a stint as PM
  • Previous experience of regenerating the party during two decades in opposition and willingness to gallantly lead us through innevitable and crushing electoral defeats may be useful in a couple of years time given the way the polls are going


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly, he's not a Commons member of the PLP. Don't you read the rule book?

Did make me laugh, especially the bit about the Assembly. Which Neil would probably abolish, that being another good reason to draft him.

9:38 am, September 08, 2006


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