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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The man who thinks the electorate were born yesterday

Cameron: "We will serve and support the National Health Service... "... and if you believe that you will believe anything.

He also said "The NHS is an expression of our values as a nation". The creation of which the Tories opposed. Funny, I thought the NHS was an expression of the values of a post-war social democratic consensus that Labour had to fight to establish and then fight to defend against a bunch of Tories who begrudged the poor even getting to see a doctor for free in case it encouraged them to take more days off sick and reduced profit margins.

"Family.Community.Society.The NHS.The environment.Our quality of life. Motherhood. Apple pie." (OK I added the last 2).

Lots of words, most of them nice ones. Even a few policies, most of them inoffensive. But no narrative or theme or vision of what makes the Tories tick and what kind of country they want.

Delivery: 6/10 - compentent middle-management sales presentation without the powerpoint.
Content: 7/10 - if you believe he actually believes it all.
Inspiration/resonance: 2/10 - I don't see this rousing the great lost Tory electorate from their slumbers.


Anonymous The Labour Humanist said...

Luke, the tories actually allowed their members to debate and vote on a policy matter this morning...on whether Jamie Oliver was a "national" treasure or not.

Who says they're avoiding policy and replacing it with PR...outrageous notion!

4:38 pm, October 04, 2006

Blogger John said...

"Family, community, society..."
So they're no longer adherents to the slightly different position of "there is no such thing as society". Maggie must be u-turning in her grave... (figuratively speaking)

4:42 pm, October 04, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So they believe in community now. Oh really? But they don't believe in legislating to help communities because they stand for small Govnt. Sorry if I am left feeling a little confused.

5:42 pm, October 04, 2006


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