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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Tories

The Labour Party could firm up wavering voters and enthuse demoralised activists by buying them all visitors' passes to Tory Conference and sending them to Bournemouth to remind them who the real enemy are.

I was only able to endure a few minutes of the BBC's coverage of their conference before switching channels.

My impressions. Cameron: vacuous and confirms all my chip-on-the-shoulder prejudices against West London residents and Oxbridge graduates. His party: unreconstructed and judging by the conference vox pops haven't even bought into Cameron's big idea of winning the next election, let alone the policy changes needed to get there.

I think Cameron is probably looking at the opinion polls tightening and thinking "oops, I only intended to put a marker down for the 2009 leadership battle, but accidently got elected. David Davis was supposed to be dealing with this."


Blogger Hughes Views said...

To learn the future of Cameron's leadership read the history of Hague's leadership. He managed to stay sort of centerist for almost a year before giving in to the Tebbit tendency.

11:57 am, October 03, 2006

Blogger Tom Freeman said...

Now steady on, Luke. I'm no Cameron fan myself, but surely you have to concede that he's modernised his party so that they'll soon be ready to face the challenges of the 1990s.

3:17 pm, October 03, 2006

Anonymous David Floyd said...

I think Cameron's positioning himself well to catch the PM's job if Labour throws it at him.

He hasn't got much to gain by having policies at this point and he'd probably be well advised to have as few as possible in his eventual election manifesto.

1:24 pm, October 05, 2006


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