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Saturday, October 21, 2006

View from our flat this morning

Living on the third floor of a block overlooking Stoke Newington High Street and the entrance to Abney Park cemetery we get to see quite a bit: drug deals, car crashes, prostitution, street brawls, junkies injecting heroin into their groins in full view of the street, people off cruising in the cemetery, the firearms squad running round outside Luks supermarket toting H&K automatics, a naked shouting man being bundled into a police van while the local kids took pictures on their mobiles...

last night was no exception to the general levels of "urban" excitement.

Councillor Smith was awoken at about 3am by four gunshots (her discription "bang ....... bang, bang, bang) and a ping whizzing noise which she assumed was a bullet ricocheting off something in Northwold Road.

This morning until 10.30am we were inside crime scene blue tape and had to be logged in and out by the police to buy a Guardian and 2 pain au chocolat.

A "non fatal shooting" according to the Police...


Blogger kris said...

Thank you for this affirming post. You see, I thought I was the only one in Stokey who witnesses our local scrotes in action.

You must have a wonderful view of "feeding time" (as PC Bitseach puts it) - when the dealer rings a junkie who passes the word up and down the High Street of where to be in 5 minutes time to score a wrap of crack.


10:08 pm, October 21, 2006

Blogger kris said...

ps, I am sure I spotted you and your Mrs on Church Street this afternoon. I would have introduced myself but you seemed to be on a mission- perhaps to get to the Farmers' Market before closing?

I recommend the sausage rolls.

10:14 pm, October 21, 2006

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

We were indeed on Church Street on Saturday afternoon and did drop into the Farmers' Market but main destinations were Oddbins & the cheese section at Fresh & Wild.

7:50 pm, October 22, 2006

Anonymous MattS said...

More shocking than the shooting is the fact you buy a rag as extreme as The Guardian!

Are you turning into a Trot in your old age Akehurst?

9:25 pm, October 23, 2006


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