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Monday, November 06, 2006

Just a thought ...

Aside from "supporting calls from Pete Willsman for an Inquiry into Conference" (presumably on the grounds that the delegates this year were all far too sensible) "Save the Labour Party" are holding their AGM next weekend in Camden Town.

Just one stop away on the Northern Line in Kentish Town the Camden Labour Party is fighting tooth and nail to hold a council by-election in a 3-way marginal against the Lib Dems and Greens.

It's just an idea, but wouldn't it be great if all the "Save the Labour Party" comrades took time out during the day from their important deliberations on "the possible merger with Labour Reform" and listening to "Jon Cruddas MP, Kelvin Hopkins MP, Katy Clark MP, Ann Black NEC" and went up the road to Kentish Town and did some canvassing and leafleting that would make a practical contribution to "saving the Labour Party"?

P.S. before anyone asks I practice what I preach and was there this Sunday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And how do you know that the comrades will not be there next Sunday or after their meeting on Saturday? It seems political meetings are only valid if they include speakers you agree with...

4:10 pm, November 06, 2006

Anonymous Joe said...

Exactly, it's ok for Luke to prance around networking at some "Progress" event, but Compass or Save the Labour Party can't hold any events a few weeks before a council bye election.

6:46 pm, November 06, 2006

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Prance around? Prance around? Do I look like someone who can prance around? Am I a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing? Am I bovvered?

7:50 pm, November 06, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that it is somewhat irresponsible (and targetted in a somewhat duplicitous manner) to suggest that internal party debates are somehow not valuable... especially when it's ok for one part of the party to do it, but not others!

Some of the comrades from the Compass youth group (the Camden contingent, as it were) are over at Kentish Town at the mo, if anybody feels like giving them a hand...

1:51 am, November 07, 2006

Anonymous The Ghost of Mark Trotter said...

"Some of the comrades from the Compass youth group (the Camden contingent, as it were) are over at Kentish Town at the mo, if anybody feels like giving them a hand..."

Comrades from the ... youth group ... feels like giving them a hand ... hmmm, now that sounds like the Labour Party I know and love. Slurp!

6:33 am, November 07, 2006

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

I'm not suggesting they shouldn't meet - just that they are so near to such an important council by-election that they ought to arrange some campaigning before or after their meeting - which is exactly what Labour First did when our AGM was in Birmingham at the same time as the Hodge Hill by-election.

There are other reasons why I would rather they didn't meet/exist as an organisation.

8:17 am, November 07, 2006

Anonymous TimBob said...

How does someone join Labour First Luke? Is there a website and can any party member join?

4:31 pm, November 07, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark trotter, or what remains of him...

You don't get semi-irony at all, do you?

aaaw. cute.

5:02 pm, November 07, 2006

Blogger Peter Kenyon said...

Dear Luke

Thanks for the tip on campaigning.

Perhaps in return you could post the URL to Labour First's website, contact details of its committee members, copies of its Annual Report & Accounts and Work Programme for 2007.

NB STLP's ambition is to integrate its work into mainstream Labour Party activity, and wind itself up.

The launch of the Join Us Join In recruitment campaign by the national party is to be warmly welcomed.


Next step? Encouraging CLPs to work together to rebuild Labour as a mass-membership, democratically run organisation to win a 4th term governing Britain.

Peter Kenyon
chair, Save the Labour Party

9:04 am, November 10, 2006

Blogger Theo said...

In reply to anonymous etc (top) - I'm sure I'm not mistaken but not much sign of a Save the Labour Party mass canvass (or leaflet drop) in Kentish Town on the weekend in question.

Well done all the young comrades from UCL/LSE who did show up - a whole polling district was canvassed!

3:39 pm, November 16, 2006


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