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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My alter ego comes visiting

I don't often draw attention to the spoof Luke Akehurst site (it just encourages him) but think it's justified today on 2 grounds:

a) Standing outside my house taking photos of it is creepy and goes a bit beyond satire and into the realms of stalking, and was also a bit stupid as Cllr Smith was at home and saw you.

b) You have made several recent references to the President of Kazakhstan, suggesting I support dodgy central Asian tyrannies. This is spectacularly wide of the mark, as my only connection with Borat's homeland or any other country in the region is that back in 2004 I actually used to work for the then democratic opposition party, Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan, helping them inform MPs here about the human rights situation in their country.


Blogger jams o donnell said...

Bloody hell. I simply cannot understand what drives people to do this sort of thing.

I used to spend time in Yahoo chatrooms and I must have trodden on someone's toes. It didn't take long for a clone id to appear containing personal info including my real name and my address.

It just goes to prove that there are plenty of twisted individuals out there, even in the blogosphere

I am not sure why I haven't visited your blog before. I really do like it. I have taken the liberty of linking the Poor Mouth.

11:17 am, November 29, 2006

Anonymous Colin said...

Where's the picture of your house gone that you published on this site?

2:03 pm, November 29, 2006

Anonymous Alex Hilton said...

Luke - you really shouldn't engage - though I'm glad he's obsessed with you and not me.

6:10 pm, November 29, 2006

Anonymous samantha terry-osheoleur said...

Maybe they're not as obsessed with you as you think. Perhaps this person is just using you as a foil to express his or her political views.

If this is the case they must be revelling in the fact that you are more obsessed with yourself than they are with you.

Anyway, we all get a bit twisted sometimes!

10:04 pm, November 30, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did the stalker off Luke in the process? The uncharacteristic lack of posts leaves that question unanswered...

2:27 pm, December 01, 2006

Anonymous Elroy Partington-Whistler said...

Oh I get it! Samantha Terry-Osheoleur - it's an anagram, isn't it? Ha, ha.

4:00 pm, December 01, 2006

Anonymous observer said...

And, Mr Elroy Partington-Whistler, a rather rude anagram at that!

12:30 am, December 04, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are such a tory wanker. I'll be glad when scum like you are thrown out of the party.

1:42 am, December 05, 2006


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