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Thursday, November 23, 2006


I am delighted to take back my mention of Margaret Beckett as a Trident replacement sceptic in yesterday's post. The Guardian today says she "said yesterday she would support the retention of a British independent nuclear deterrent." Well done Mrs Beckett.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, saw that too. Though I think it is legitimate to have a debate about what type of nuclear deterrent we have. It maybe that a son of Trident is the wrong option.

11:26 pm, November 23, 2006

Blogger Benjamin said...

Margaret Beckett is withdrawn from Luke's blacklist - of those "reverting to type". Well done Margaret!

I think the govt has already made up its mind. Its now about narrowing the debate, managing the Labour Party, and media spin. The Tories will be trusted to fully support the govt. No doubt those opposing replacement will be labelled "unilateralist" (don't worry about definitions, it just have scary 1980s connotations!)

Funny that though - scrapping Trident simply fulfills committments made under the existing NPT. But don't breathe a word.

4:42 am, November 24, 2006

Anonymous Anti Trident said...

"The Tories will be trusted to fully support the government." Go figure.Thought I'd voted Labour.Oops,silly me. Do you goons EVER ponder the implications of what you're saying. Shame on you .If the Govt steamrollers through Trident, expect thousands more Labour Party members toleave. But no doubt you're all salivating at that prospect already, aren't you,Tory boys? .

7:38 pm, November 24, 2006

Anonymous Alan Davidson said...

Luke, I was also pleased to hear Hilary Benn speaking at the London Labour Party biennial conference in favour of fulfilling the 2005 manifesto and retaining our independent nuclear deterrent.

I wonder if any of the deputy leader candidates are going to do a Clare Short and say the manifesto doesn't apply to them. I doubt it, but if they do, let them feel the whip.

11:48 am, November 26, 2006


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