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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Top Ten things I'd never do

Kris has tagged me with this, which I think was a chain started by Iain Dale.

Anyway, here goes.

I would never:

1) Become a vegetarian
2) Be a football fan
3) Vote for any party other than Labour
4) Forgive Margaret Thatcher for what she did to this country
5) Understand why some people on the "left" enthuse about dictatorships like Cuba but attack the USA and Israel
6) Turn down an invite to a good restaurant
7) Get bored of listening to anything by the Smiths or Morrissey (despite my views on vegetarianism)
8) Take another politically restricted job that stopped me blogging, writing to newspapers and canvassing (tried it and hated it)
9) Send my son to a faith, selective or fee-paying school
10) Hide what I believe in to win votes

The 10 fellow bloggers I nominate to do the same are:

Dave Osler, Theo Blackwell, Dave Hill, Stuart Bruce, Tom Watson, David Cole, Adele Reynolds, Paulie, Martin Whelton, Shamik Das.


Anonymous Adelski said...


2:54 pm, November 28, 2006

Blogger Sham said...

Done it!

7:19 pm, November 28, 2006

Blogger kris said...

PC Bitseach will definitely be with you on #4. Her most hated words (which she will repeat when drunk),"there is no such thing as society"

9:38 pm, November 28, 2006

Blogger Paulie said...

Done it.


Sorry it took so long. I'm not a 'never' sort of bloke really. I liked that Julie Burchill quote - "I'm tri-sexual. I'll try anything sexual."

For the record, I'm a boring het in reality.

4:10 pm, December 05, 2006


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