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Monday, December 18, 2006

"Political crimes"

Unless I have totally misunderstood the recent coverage, the Yates investigation is going to not result in charges, er... because the law wasn't broken.

So basically an extremist secessionist party (the SNP) has managed to persuade the Met to spend vast amounts of cash and police time investigating a conspiracy theory predicated on a complete misunderstanding of the criteria party leaders are allowed to use when awarding peerages.

If I make enough fuss about it can I get Yates to investigate the SNP for a) wasting police time and b) seditious treason (i.e. wanting to break up the UK)?

It all stands in sorry contrast to the years and years when the police ignored repeated calls for investigations into incidents of "granny farming" (proxy vote fraud involving stealing votes off the elderly) in various parts of the UK. In my own dear borough of Hackney a huge dosier with loads of evidence was handed over by the local Labour Party to the Police in the wake of the 1994 local elections regarding proxy vote fraud allegations. Similar stuff was provided after by-elections. No action was taken.

In the end Special Branch did investigate proxy vote fraud after the 1998 elections - and ended up convicting a Tory and a Lib Dem councillor on charges of conspiracy to defraud, fraud and attempted undue influence, and jailing them both. But in the mean time we had had a hung council for 3 years when the "real" electorate had actually voted for a Labour Council.

One of the 2 guys who was convicted for the 1998 crimes was the person in the frame for 1994 - which suggests he may have been guilty then but the police weren't prepared to resource an investigation...


Blogger parburypolitica said...

If they were convicted you can name names. Indeed it may be a public duty.

11:07 am, December 18, 2006

Anonymous Edna Gribbins said...

I think you'll find all the information you could possibly want on Hackney election fraud and who's engaged in it here.

You're such a nice boy, I do hope that one chap who is still serving as a Hackney councillor today but was "in the frame" in 1998 (charged but the charges eventually dropped due to insufficient evidence) doesn't take to thinking you mean him, and sue you.

11:17 am, December 18, 2006

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

And I do hope I don't find out who you are and sue you.

11:30 am, December 18, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an SNP candidate I can`t help but wonder how my party is extremist? Do we want a new constitutioanl arrnagment for Scotland - absolutley and we belive that Scotland as a soveriegn nation in the EU should be that arrangment.

Wasting police time? I would have thought if you belived a crime had been committed you should report it to the police. Angus MacNeil MP did just this. I think I`ll wait and see if charges are brought before claiming the case to be over as you have.

I won`t hold my breath for me and another 12,000+ SNP members being reported for treason.

3:15 pm, December 18, 2006

Blogger Sham said...


Why don't you bugger off and ethnically cleanse some Muslims, like your pal Milosevic. What was it Salmond said? Something like: helping the Kosovans would be "an act of unpardonable folly".

Your party are a bunch of despicable racists. Anti-English and anti-Muslim in equal measure.

If there was any justice at all it would be you getting investigated by the police.

3:41 pm, December 18, 2006

Anonymous Andrea said...

"Your party are a bunch of despicable racists. Anti-English and anti-Muslim in equal measure"

and they will probably be the party that will elect the first Muslim MSP next year (Bashir Ahmad as second placed in Glasgow regional list is pretty much a safe thing)

5:37 pm, December 18, 2006

Blogger Sham said...

That has indeed come as a shock! One wonders what Mr Ahmad's friends and family will make of the vile Salmond's pro-Milosevic sycophancy over Kosovo ...

8:30 pm, December 18, 2006

Anonymous Edna Gribbins said...

Oooh you are a naughty boy. I'm not used to being sweet-talked by someone as young as you, but if you'd like to put your briefs up against a little old lady's briefs I'd be tickled pink. Almost as pink as the Labour Party and nearly as embarrassed.

1:22 pm, December 19, 2006

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Are you talking to Shamik or me?

1:35 pm, December 19, 2006

Anonymous observer said...

Poor dearly deluded Edna Gribbins appears to be desiring the unobtainable if it's Shamik she is lusting after. He's too busy running a highly respectable blog that, sadly, no one visits - and even fewer comment on - which is devoted to the healthy pursuits of virile young men. And he devotes hours to the task of researching photographs of these active young men, to boot. The remainder of his time is dedicated to research of Tourette's Syndrome; a subect in which he holds a deep personal interest.

Meanwhile ... our Chief Whip is happily tied up, I hear!

As for the Labour Party, yes it is in the pink but that is due to the strong economic policies of our leadership, thank you very much.

10:57 am, December 22, 2006

Blogger Sham said...

Erm, not quite sure how to follow that ...

2:26 pm, December 22, 2006


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