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Friday, December 08, 2006

The season of goodwill

Christmas is coming, and as it approaches people start to send cards to remind their friends and loved ones that they are thinking of them as this time of goodwill and fellowship.

So I was delighted when the postman delivered my first card yesterday, and could hardly contain my anticipation as I opened it, eager to see which friend had been thinking of me ...

Imagine my delight to discover that my very first Christmas card of 2006 was from Diane Abbott MP.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Staffer in office of local MP sends Xmas card to group officer of local Labour Group. Where's the story?

Anyhow, are you guys going to deselect her or do you think she'll move on? I think her ego couldn't cope without the initials MP after her name, even though no one in Hackney would notice she'd gone (other than you, of course). The media appearances would dry up too (though it didn't do Portillo any harm).

10:13 am, December 08, 2006

Anonymous Ocanuk said...

Strange how a supposedly pro-Labour blog spends a disproportionate time having a dig at Labour people.

10:51 am, December 08, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luke is clearly looking to position Diane as a runner for the Deputy Leader and/or Deputy PM stakes. Expect and announcement soon.

12:33 pm, December 08, 2006

Anonymous Dr V La Placa said...

Well getting a xmas card from Dianne Abbot is no worse than getting one from Jihad Jeremy Corbyn or Ken Khomenistone. Deselect the three of them I say.

3:08 pm, December 08, 2006

Anonymous barry.buitekant@tesco.net said...

Luke have you had an Xmas card from Dave Osler yet? Your new branch member I understand.

2:00 pm, December 10, 2006


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