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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lord Mittal?

I am indebted to the Independent on Sunday for the speculation that Tony Blair plans one last magnificant two-fingered salute to the SNP and others who don't understand the law on honours by nominating the donor of a very welcome £2m to Labour, Lakshmi Mittal, for a peerage for services to industry in the resignation honours list.

He should also give working peerages to Ruth Turner and John McTernan, as per previous ones awarded to No10 staff like Baroness Morgan. They deserve it for getting on with their day jobs under the most extreme strain imaginable.

And I'd stick Lord Levy in the Order of Merit for ensuring through his fundraising that we actually have a competitive democracy rather than Tory one-party rule.

As for Blair, I hope he follows the precedent of various French PMs and becomes Mayor of a major city in retirement. I believe Ken is retiring in 2012 and "Blair4Mayor" has a ring to it.


Anonymous Andrea said...

Can I propose a Peerage for Diane Abbott too? :wink:

10:09 pm, January 24, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will Matt Carter receive the customary peerage given to his predecessors Whitty, Sawyer, McDonagh and Triesman, or is he destined for Jim Mortimer status?

12:21 am, January 25, 2007

Anonymous Praguetory said...

This blog is a spoof, right?

11:08 am, January 25, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prague Tory in good comment shocker!

11:51 am, January 25, 2007

Blogger Sham said...

Prague Tory is a tosser shocker!!!

12:24 pm, January 25, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sham... who's shocked? Anonymous, where can we locate his 'good comment'?

12:54 pm, January 25, 2007

Anonymous Wormwood Scrubber said...

Hmm - presumably you would include the Met as being amongst those who 'don't understand the law on honours', then?

The 1925 act is really very simple, and for the benefit of the hard of thinking or Labour hacks in denial, it can be summarised as follows: 'Don't buy honours, don't sell honours and if you do, it's two years in the pokey'.

If it gets to court, I can't imagine the judge will be too impressed with a procession of Labour lackeys whinging that 'everyone else did it first'. Blair's version of the 'Lavender List' will, I'm sure, be a joy to behold when it comes.

2:28 pm, January 25, 2007

Anonymous Camille said...

Luke darling I think you should be Lord Akehurst of Hackney, it could be awarded for services for defending this nation and for services to local government

2:11 pm, January 26, 2007

Anonymous Woooh said...

hear hear! And for services to the Labour party, the pr industry, East Kent - oh lukey theres so much you contribute. Youre an inspirational leader, a giant amongst men

3:00 pm, January 26, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah yes, those that ‘don’t understand the law on honours’. Of course all those that do will be the ‘in denial’ members of the Labour movement whistling in the dark and muttering ‘aint nufink been done wrong Guv, honest.
Don’t you yet get it Luke? It’s WMD all over again. The steady drip, drip, drip of things not quite right, things that turn out not quite what a straight and plain thinking person might suppose, and dodgy bits, and inappropriate bits (good day for bad news) and then, more and more, the downright wrong-headed bits. It all adds up in the mind of the great voting public to a big stink of sleaze and amorality. No amount of fancy reading or hair splitting on old laws will make that any better. Come to think of it, statements like yours add to the overall negative image of denial and fug.
You are right about Tony Blair sticking his fingers up at the wee SNP… but is that what the UK Prime Minister has come down to using his Office of State for? Anyway, this is not the only targets he is sticking his finger up to (i.e. wanting to facilitate religious bigotry towards gay adoption). There is a real and fast welling up danger to the whole Labour movement from a sell-by Prime Minster who increasingly looks inclined to petulance and sulk and ‘retaliation’ against those he believes are failing him – in other words everyone in the Labour Party that does not idolise him.

7:58 pm, January 26, 2007


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