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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The real question about Hain

Aside from the brouhaha about Hain's list of supporters being leaked, there's actually a more fundamental question to be asked.

This is - is there a political space for Hain and Harman - both of whom I would characterise as from the establishment/inside-the-Westminster-beltway bit of the soft left - to run distinctive deputy leadership campaigns when both Johnson and Benn can encroach on that segment of the party electorate from the right (AJ because of trade union background and pro-PR stance which means he has some Compassite following, Benn because of his cuddly, activist-friendly DFID portfolio and the residual radical appeal of the family name) and Cruddas has grabbed the most left leaning bit of it and the Compass franchise?

I actually feel sorry for the two H's as they have both been running for the position for years in a fairly dogged way.

But one has to ask, do they have anything politically distinctive to offer in a crowded market where not everyone is going to get past the first base of getting nominated?

I'm sure Harriet would point out that she's a woman and there should be a woman candidate, but that isn't a USP if Hazel Blears runs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real question is how has Hain allowed himself to be outdone by Jon Cruddas for the centre-left vote. To all intent and purposes was a complete unknown six months ago. Does Hain have many enemies?

9:03 am, January 30, 2007

Anonymous M said...

I am one of those people who should have been voting Hain but he has just lost all credibility over recent months. It's a real shame as when Robin Cook as alive Peter has something to offer. Jon Cruddas is now the man for me and many other previous Hain supporters.

6:06 pm, January 30, 2007


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