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Friday, January 26, 2007

York to ban foie gras

Some of my best friends are vegetarians (despite the fact I find the concept of a meat-free diet disgusting).

I don't try to convert them to eating meat (actually this is not strictly true as I have made 2 converts in the past, one of them succumbed to an entire crispy aromatic duck at an eat-all-you-can Chinese buffet in Camden Town).

So I don't expect them to try to dictate what I am allowed to eat.

Therefore, if the City of York bans foie gras, which I happen to like, I will personally be boycotting visiting York.

If my memory is correct its university Labour Club was riddled with vegetarianism as well as Trotskyism, so the news comes as no surprise (cue angry comments from Duncan, Lee, Janine, Matt Carter and other York alumini).

One of the few meals I can remember eating there was at a planning meeting held in the upstairs of a vegetarian restaurant to get Jim Murphy the NOLS nomination for NUS President (he was allegedly the "left" candidate!). Luckily his campaign was better than the food.


Anonymous Duncan said...

Was that the Rubicon?

I wouldn't agree that York was riddled with vegetarianism or trotskyism, though there was a healthy (ish) smattering of both.

I suppose the point with foie gras is not that it was once a living thing, but that it spent its short brutal life being force fed (but I have eaten it, just as I have attended the evil McDonalds; so - as a consumer at least - I am a hypocrite!)

Do you skip your ipod/cd player when it gets on to 'Meat is Murder'?

8:47 am, January 26, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aah Jim Murphy talks a good left game.

9:46 am, January 26, 2007

Anonymous HenryG said...

I see that the motion was tabled by Paul Blanchard. As well as being a councillor he stood at the last general election for Ryedale. By all accounts Paul is desperately seeking a winnable seat next time round. I am told by colleagues in York that this story should entirely be seen in this context.

11:34 am, January 26, 2007

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Is the welfare of French geese a big issue in some CLPs then?

11:41 am, January 26, 2007

Anonymous HenryG said...

Clearly he thinks so.

11:52 am, January 26, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The welafare of all animals should be a concern, you should be ashamed of yourself getting enjoyment from suffering.
It's people like you who make compassionate people cringe all mouth and nothing useful to say. No wonder people prefare geese and ducks.

9:15 pm, January 27, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At what point does Mr Blanchard plan to trun his attention to Halal Meat?

11:49 pm, January 27, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Henryg - I know Paul personally. You clearly do not. He's not "desparately seeking a winnable seat". His ambition is to be a York MP - York Central or Outer. Only one of these is currently winnable.

The "context", as you sarcastically put it, is actually that Paul is a passionate vegetarian, and he considers that the process to produce foie gras is intolerably cruel.

He was aware when he tabled the motion that he would be criticised by commentators such as yourself who aren't used to elected representatives taking stances based on their deeply-felt personal principles.

My advice to you (which I'm certain you'll ignore): set aside your cynicism, read up on foie gras, and support Paul's motion, as you'll appreciate that it's the right thing to do once you have a shred of information on which to base your comments.

7:18 pm, January 28, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a vegetarian. I love meat But I don't advocate cruelty.
If after reading how Fois Gras is made, associated research, legistlation and production bans (including the UK) at Wikipedia I hope you'll change your mind. No amount of cruelty is worth it to produce gourmet food for the chattering classes.

12:13 pm, February 06, 2007

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