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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Don't do it David

I will definitely not vote for David Miliband if he stands for Leader and I really hope he doesn't run.

I - perhaps naively - thought we had moved on from all the Brown vs. Blair nonsense.

I think it is extremely unhelpful to have it all reopened.


Blogger Bill said...

I dunno, there'd be a dark irony of a Milliband/Benn partnership at the top...

11:21 am, February 28, 2007

Anonymous liz said...

I like David Miliband and believe he would be more "acceptable" than Gordon Brown to the floating voter at the next election.

11:45 am, February 28, 2007

Blogger Suzanne said...

I know what you are saying Luke but there is something very magnetic about Miliband.

There is a part of me which is thinking he could be just the fresh new start we need.......hummmmm tempting.

And this coming from someone who swore a blood oath of loyalty to Brown for leader over 5 years ago.

12:09 pm, February 28, 2007

Blogger Owen said...

Miliband, Clarke, Milburn, Brown etc all agree on the same policies - whether it be Foundation Hospitals, top-up fees, the invasion of Iraq, PFI, and so on. It would be a disaster to have a contest which is not about policies, but is about personalities.

That's why it's crucial John McDonnell is on the ballot - to ensure that there is a real debate about the future of the party. Oh, and it'd be nice to have a candidate standing for Labour leadership who actually backs the policies of the Labour party.

Hilariously, David Milliband's first political job was doing John McDonnell's photocopying. Whoops.

By the way, my suspicion is that "Liz" is either Charles Clarke or Alan Milburn in disguise - she's posting these pro-Milliband all over the internet.

12:09 pm, February 28, 2007

Anonymous Curious said...

Was Miliband a good photocopier?

2:19 pm, February 28, 2007

Blogger Bob Piper said...

"...there is something very magnetic about Miliband" as there is about the little ginger cat on our fridge door... but I wouldn't vote for that either!

4:17 pm, February 28, 2007

Anonymous grimupnorth said...

I'd rather vote for the cat. Didn't one of the Millibands work for Tony Benn? Ralph will be doing 180 degree spins......welcome to the nasty world of politics Luke.If youreally thought that Brown was not going toface a contest you ARE extremely naive.

5:38 pm, February 28, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ralph Miliband was not a member of the Labour Party - so why should he interupt his slumbers to care?

6:18 pm, February 28, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think he'd be a bit p***** off that his sons had turned out to be pro-market policy wonks.How anyone can see Milliband as next lesader is frankly beyond me,

7:03 pm, February 28, 2007

Anonymous michael meacher said...

Ooooooh Owen, you saucy little devil! Come join the winning team. I know you agree with my conspiracy theories about 9/11! :wink:

7:20 pm, February 28, 2007

Anonymous true labour said...

Bring back Ralph and a radical alternative. His boys have sold us out.

9:23 am, March 01, 2007

Anonymous My favourite miliband is said...

I hope he does stand. But I'll not be voting for him. He is extraordinarily right wing. Skip another generation and go for Ed. Or do they have an even shorter and younger sibling? A sister would be a good. Otherwise let's have Marxist Ralph. He's only Meacher's age isn't he? Dead? Completely? Oh dear.

2:18 pm, March 01, 2007

Blogger Chris Paul said...

Hah Suzanne. Dave/id should stop standing next to the telly if he's getting magnetic.

(spooky word verification includes hidden wmd)

2:23 pm, March 01, 2007


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