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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Stop talking in code

Alan Milburn and Charles Clarke have been talking in code - organising meetings for MPs to trigger an "an open participatory debate."

I think this means they want to run a candidate against Brown for leader.

If that's the case they should say so, not dress it up as guff about "debates".

If it was either of them running, they would get a derisory vote.

If it is really about policies they should be explicit and say what they want to change.

What kind of participatory debate only involves MPs?

Unlike them I don't speak in code. An "ultra-Blairite" candidature from Clarke or Milburn would not just be doomed, it would be a total strategic disaster for the right of the Party - driving Brown into the arms of the soft left, dividing natural political allies who agree on the substantive issues, and putting its supporters into the political wilderness.

There is a serious election and debate going on about Deputy Leader. There are serious external elections coming up in May. Why are these senior figures game playing like this? What do they hope to achieve?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are close to falling into the Brownite ultra trap of suggesting anybody who wants to talk about policy post-Blair is beyond the pale.

I take your points about clarity and I know they are well made. But people are entitled to test the waters.

As for a serious debate on the deputy leadership, I find that difficult to believe.

10:54 pm, February 27, 2007

Anonymous michael meacher said...

Why doesn't anybody like me?

Lukey baby, please join my campaign. I'll give you a peerage if I win!

12:14 am, February 28, 2007

Blogger el tom said...

Perhaps they're trying to get Hazel to up her bid. ;o)

I agree that this is silly stuff. They've had a long time to 'debate' policy, and have received a pretty shocking response from all wings of the party in response.

Personally I would love to see Brown driven into the arms for the soft left, but what I would like to see even more is a leader who united the party and put factionalism and 'wingism' on the back burner by giving the party a programme to unite behind (perhaps at the expense of far left and right, or indeed not).

Brown has a real chance to do that, and I'm determined that Milburn and Clarke should bot be allowed to stop that process from taking place, particularly as the left have little chance of stopping it themselves.

2:16 am, February 28, 2007

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