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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Travel expenses

As MPs' travel expenses have now been publicly declared, I am happy to reveal that the travel expenses I have claimed from the London Borough of Hackney in the 5 years I have been a councillor total nil pounds nil pence.


Anonymous ted harvey said...

Well done that man! So unlike our own dear (very dear) Eric Joyce MP for Falkirk with a cool £45,000 travel expenses last year, he came into the top 5 MP claimants in both air travel and mileages categories… but not in rail travel.

12:53 pm, February 14, 2007

Blogger Chris Paul said...

MMmmm. In Manchester the travel expenses for ornery councillors are part of the annual allowances paid. And on duty there are taxi accounts and tickets bought by the TH. So they simply don't claim travel expenses. Exec members may be different to an extent.

But if there are not similar arrangements in Hackney what is your point anyway. In Manchester we have some councillors who have their allowance of £15,000 before tax as their only income and they are of course taxed for membership of ALC and of Manchester LG.

These people are less able to afford to pay their own fares on political duty than those with allowances plus a good professional salary at WS.

Is this a call for only rich people to be councillors and MPs in future? Those that will pay their own necessary expenses?

Please do clarify what you mean.

8:45 pm, February 15, 2007

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Chris - I wasn't intending to make a serious point. We can claim for travel outside the borough on council business but not inside it.

7:44 am, February 16, 2007


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