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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Interesting poll

Communicate Research in the Indie has got Labour boosted by the budget - with the Tory lead dropping from 11% to 4% (Con 35% - down 5; Lab 31% - up 2; LD 20% - up 3).

The detail shows Labour up a lot amongst key groups of voters - up 9% amongst skilled working class C2s and up 5% amongst junior white collar C1s, but down 7% amongst the least well off DEs - all of which is a fairly logical reaction to the way the Budget has been presented.

The Indie says:

"Mr Brown's Budget may have halted a slide in support for Labour among the party's traditional supporters in recent months. The proportion of these who say they will vote for the party has risen from 76 per cent to 79 per cent since last month, while the Tories' level of "core vote" support has fallen from 91 per cent to 87 per cent."


Blogger Sham said...

Fantastic news! I wonder where all the nay-sayers have gone?

10:44 am, March 28, 2007

Anonymous load of tosh said...

So Labour's vote has gone up 2%, i.e. within the margin of error, because of a temporary bounce caused by the Budget?

29-31% is what the Tories were on for ten years and it was regarded as catastrophic.

Hardly going to win us the next election, is it?

1:13 pm, March 28, 2007

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Actually 31% would "win" us the General Election in the sense of Labour being the largest party in a hung parliament on these % scores.

4% behind in mid-term in your 3rd term is not bad at all - the Tories were up to 24% behind Labour in the midterm of the 1987 Parliament and still won in 1992.

1:23 pm, March 28, 2007

Blogger Chris Paul said...

Sham and Luke:
I think we know that the improvement is from the target swingers really, however they reference themselves to the pollsters. Quite a lot of our "supporters" are swingers now by the look of the % backing us. Bigger % I feel in the groups hit by the MISTAKES in the budget.

A great budget for mullering Tory expectations, but devil in details and I am hoping for a correction for single working poor, women 60-64 and part-times on £7500ish.

As we are always saying one poll does not make a summer. Let's see how the poll of polls improves over the next three months. And particularly how we do in the Wales and England.

Scotland is surely toast thanks to Trident Luke exploding in an ecstasy of renewal just a tad prematurely ... so let's not count that.

1:37 pm, March 28, 2007

Anonymous daz said...

I've got this vivid image of Luke Akehurst playing his violin as the Titanic sinks

2:48 pm, March 28, 2007

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

As opposed to other passengers who are drafting resolutions praising the iceberg.

4:00 pm, March 28, 2007

Anonymous daz said...

That doesn't make any sense.

4:18 pm, March 28, 2007

Anonymous daz said...

Oh, I get it! Silly me!

12:52 pm, March 29, 2007


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