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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Thinking Bloggers

Fellow Stoke Newington resident Dave Osler has nominated me as one of 3 thinking bloggers - saying "I don't think he really is a Blairite, to be honest. He's more an old school Croslandite with brains. But the blog is consistently thought-provoking, however you want to slice it." I'm taking that as a compliment given Dave's own politics, though it doesn't quite match Duncan's comment a couple of days ago: "I don't think I've ever come across a more unreconstructed Old Labourite than Luke Akehurst! It's like the years since approximately 1977 never happened."

The idea is that I have to now name 5 bloggers that who often cause me to think about what they have written - and they have to name 5 more.

I'm nominating:

Andrew Regan - the host of http://www.bloggers4labour.org/ - he doesn't post himself often, but when he does it is usually different and thought-provoking.

Janine Booth of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty - http://www.workersliberty.org/jblog - who promotes a version of Trotskyism that is more attractive than the shouty slogans at the SWP

Political journalist Paul Linford - http://paullinford.blogspot.com/

Paul at http://nevertrustahippy.blogspot.com/

Adrian McMenamin: http://newgolddream.dyndns.info/blog/


Anonymous Shambolic said...

What! You omitted Sham? How shocking!

5:33 am, March 19, 2007

Blogger Dave said...

On further reflection, Crosland is not quite the right comparator. Your more of an Ernie Bevin de nos jours, no?

10:37 am, March 19, 2007

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

More Morrison than Bevin I think.

10:56 am, March 19, 2007

Anonymous Bevanite said...

Morrison was a bully.

1:24 pm, March 19, 2007

Anonymous duncan said...

I quite like the Morrison comparison; you could absorb your slightly out-of-character enthusiasm for revolutionary songs into such a characterisation (Morrison always thought it was a good idea for the London Labour Party to fund the London Labour Choral Union despite the fact that it was always Communist led and dominated)... But I assume you're more Post-War Morrison?

6:19 pm, March 19, 2007

Anonymous owen said...

How come I'm not included? Boo hoo! I'm taking my laptop with me and going home. So there!

6:59 pm, March 19, 2007

Blogger Paulie said...

I've written a number of blog posts about your site Luke, and each time, the first draft had the word 'Morrisonite' included.

Was it Morrison or Bevan who said "socialism is what Labour governments do"?

10:11 am, March 20, 2007


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