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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Roll of Honour

I think the New Statesman published this list as a naming and shaming exercise. I was thinking of it more as a roll of honour.


Anonymous observer's friend said...

Yeah, sure, and no roll of honour is complete without the inclusion of that ex-Tory clergyman who demanded Tony Blair's resignation, Hackney and Rhondda Valley's very own Gaydar:Alfa101.

You don't see the irony, do you, Luke? A roll of honour consisting of a load of parasites who are in favour of keeping weapons of mass destruction.

3:52 am, April 26, 2007

Blogger Chris Paul said...

Luke: You MUST try to separate your day job making excuses for arms dealers with your political blogging and ambitions. Time to start working on other accounts. You're getting confused.

9:00 am, April 26, 2007

Anonymous susan calder valley clp said...

Yeah, right.Deeply depressing, really.As that fine British actor Terry Thomas used to say, what a shower.....

10:33 am, April 26, 2007

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

I thought that would get the usual suspects foaming at their mouths.

To quote John Spellar "comrades you are Pavlovian today".

1:01 pm, April 26, 2007

Anonymous Ted Harvey said...

There's certainly some people OK with it... fro them it's a useful quick reference guide for referring people to in the run-up to the Scottish elections... and very damaging

1:35 pm, April 26, 2007

Anonymous observer's friend said...

Luke - you make a lousy spin doctor! Check out Spellar's "Pavlovian today" comments within context before throwing insults at what you refer to as "the usual suspects".

My hon. Friends the Members for Blaenau Gwent(Mr. Smith) and for Leyton (Mr. Cohen) raised the question of Trident with firm personal conviction. Mention of Trident has a Pavlovian effect on Ministers and there was considerable noise in support. Their problems on defence policy make them look for fabricated differences in the Opposition. For years, it has been clear that Government supporters took far more notice of Labour party conference decisions than did the Labour leadership. Now they do not even have that crumb of comfort, they grab gleefully at any Back Bencher's expression of difference with Front-Bench policy.

Some of us, particularly those of us who have served in the armed forces and seen the consequences of war first-hand, speak with "firm personal conviction".

3:00 pm, April 26, 2007

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Actually it's a catch phrase of his that he used at a GLLP conference years ago when I am told delegates booed him before he started speaking - I had no idea he had ever said it in Parliament or in about Trident.

3:11 pm, April 26, 2007

Anonymous Michael said...

In a world where thousands die daily in armed conflict, from starvation, from the lack of the most basic sanitation, in a world where the super rich and the supra national corporation set the agenda Mr Akehurst declares it an honour to spend billions on weapons whose sole us is to vaporise millions of innocent foriegn working class people. And all we get from him are a few sneering remarks. If he actually has an argument in favour of what i have outlined above, i'd like to hear it.

6:51 pm, April 26, 2007


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