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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday in Highgate

Pictured above: Luke (35), Jed (18 months) and Karl (189).
We set out for a Sunday afternoon at London Zoo to see the new Gorilla Kingdom but it was packed and there was nowhere to park so as we drove past it on the way home we stopped to pay our respects to Karl Marx in Highgate Cemetery (and to take Jed to the playground in the park next door). We put a red rose on the grave.
It's never too early to start political education ... though how much dialectical materialism Jed absorbed is best judged by his comment as we walked away - "poo, poo".
Anyway I have now added, belatedly, Marx's tomb to my visit to his birthplace, the the Karl Marx House in Trier in 1990 (I think I wrote "nice theory, shame about the practitioners" in the guest book) and to the tiny attic room he lived in above what is now the Quo Vadis restaurant in Dean Street, Soho (during the 1995 Young Fabians Xmas Dinner).
Movingly, near to Marx's grave are those of a number of senior Iraqi secular leftists and Kurdish leaders who died in exile here from Saddam Hussein.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shame on you, comrade Akehurst, for delaying this particular bit of your "Class War on Tour" trip.

I was in that room above the restaurant for the launch of Derek Draper's book in 1997.

11:12 pm, April 01, 2007

Blogger Dave said...

Back in my single days, I always used to take Trot girls to that restaurant on dates.

After the meal, I would arrange for the waiter to give us a tour of the Marx room, and explain how the family lived in poverty and how one of the Marx kids died there.

The woman would inevitably start blubbing, at which point I would suggest going back to mine for a coffee. Worked every time.

11:32 pm, April 03, 2007

Blogger Chris Paul said...

Great story????!

2:54 pm, April 05, 2007


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