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Friday, May 04, 2007


Despite Harriet Harman sticking to a pre-prepared "doom, gloom, we must change direction" script on the BBC last night (with even John McDonnell having the grace and sense compared to her to say that Labour hadn't done that badly) I rather enjoyed the results coverage, whilst my sore feet recovered from a day of GOTV in Castle Point.

Amongst those "disastrous" "melt-down" results for Labour - here are some net changes:

Alnwick - no change in number of Labour councillors
Basingstoke & Deane - no change
Bolton - 2 gains at expense of LDs
Bournemouth - no change
Brentwood - no change
Bristol - 2 gains at expense of LDs
Bromsgrove - no change
Broxbourne - no change
Cambridge - no change
Carlisle - 1 gain at expense of LDs
Coventry - 4 gains, 2 at expense of Tories
Derby - no change
Great Yarmouth - 1 gain
Harlow - 1 gain at expense of LDs
Havant - no change
Macclesfield - no change
Maidstone - no change
NE Lincs - no change
N Lincs - 1 gain at expense of Tories
Nottingham - 4 gains, 2 at expense of LDs
Pendle - 1 gain
Portsmouth - no change
Preston - no change
Rochdale - no change
Rushmoor - no change
Sandwell - 1 gain at expense of Tories
Sefton - 1 gain at expense of Tories
Shrewsbury & Atcham - no change
S Beds - no change
Southampton - 2 gains at expense of LDs
St Albans - no change
St Helens - no change
Stevenage - no change
Stockport - no change
Swale - no change
Tameside - 1 gain at expense of LDs
Thurrock - 2 gains at expense of Tories
Trafford - no change
Warrington - no change
W Oxfordshire - no change
Wigan - 3 gains

I love the smell of burning predictions in the morning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"N Lincs - 1 gain at expense of Tories"

and that does mean gaining back the control of the council.
There have been gains also in Liverpool (from LDs) and Easington (I think from Indies).

And Labour has won 2 byelections in Hastings from the tories yesterday. One was in a 11% swing

10:00 am, May 04, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should have been at the count in Nottingham yesterday. I was very early as I came straight from our campaign headquarters. All the Tories were already there having a "cocktail party" - dressed up and very confident they weren't just going to win a few seats, but take control from us through a coalition with the LibDems.

The moment the first sorting of ballots had been done it was very clear they were unlikely to make the large gains they were hoping for. Faces started to drop.

If you look at the results in Nottingham, Labour has increased majorities in a large number of seats and larger number of votes in most. Tories were also up but this was compensated by a sharp decline in the LibDem vote.

Left at 3 - still some seats to be declared but very clear whatthe result was going to be. Not a Tory left in sight - very sweet.

Joe - Nottingham

12:10 pm, May 04, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that these are a relatively good set of results. Our position is no worse than 2004 and we have picked up seats from the Tories is urban areas like Coventry and Leeds. Given our recovery between 2004 and the General Election in 2005 there is some scope for cautious optimism. However there are also reasons to be worried. The Tory vote share is up, and even though this seems to be at the expense of the minor parties rather than Labour, if this were to persist at the General Election, my hunch (rather than detailed psephelogical calculation) is that we would have a much reduced majority given the relatively large number of highly marginal seats where out majority is less than 1000.

To introduce a sectarian note to the proceedings, it's also nice to see the voters of Glasgow giving Tommy Sheridan a good ice-picking!

12:37 pm, May 04, 2007


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