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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nominations latest at 1pm

Candidates for the leadership and deputy leadership of the Labour Party have received the following number of nominations as of 1pm on Wednesday 16 May.
Candidates for Leader of the Labour Party
Gordon Brown
297 nominations
John McDonnell
29 nominations

Candidates for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party
Hilary Benn
40 nominations
Hazel Blears
49 nominations
Jon Cruddas
46 nominations
Peter Hain
50 nominations
Harriet Harman
61 nominations
Alan Johnson
68 nominations


Anonymous Andrea said...

game over for McDonnell, I would suppose.
Campaign Grouper David Hamilton hasn't nominated yesterday and today he has gone for Brown. If McD can't even get those nominations, not sure what is left for him

1:13 pm, May 16, 2007


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