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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Roy Hattersley

The world has turned upside down.

Roy Hattersley has written an article that I agree with 90% of (the 10% being the bit on Iraq).


Blogger el Tom said...

Couldn't agree with Hattersley more.

Once again though, I don't like the way he does down meritocracy. I believe that if we had a true meritocracy our society would be a lot more equal. But that in no way renders meritocracy a useless concept.

I feel that Labour should aim to bring about a society whereby one gains proportionally to what they put in (I just have a lot of respect for people that spend hours cleaning, or working in fast food restaurants, in terms of the contribution they make to society).

2:45 am, May 07, 2007

Blogger Chris Paul said...

Roy is a bit of a star sometimes. Luke however cannot be serious in saying he agrees with 90%, meaning Iraq is just 10% of the problem:

That requires - above all else - a radical shift in Britain's position on Iraq. Brown cannot suggest the invasion was a tragic error, even though it was, and he is too sensible to believe otherwise. But he can take a lead from the American Democratic party. If, in both Houses of Congress, it can set a withdrawal timetable, so can he. Nothing would raise his approval ratings more.

Above all else. THIS bit is 90% of the agenda. Still it's heartening to read a loyalist supporting dissing the choice agenda and all that other spinnery.

4:36 pm, May 07, 2007


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