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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Southern Discomfort

Sorry if this is getting a bit repetitive.

Not mentioned on the BBC results because they were by-elections rather than scheduled elections, Labour gained 2 seats from the Tories in Hastings on Thursday - causing the Tories to lose their majority on the council.

Hastings is a Labour-held marginal parliamentary seat. It was Tory in every General Election until 1997 and wasn't even a stand-alone seat then, let alone a key seat, it was so far down the target list.

How are the Tories going to win power if they can't win in Hastings?


Anonymous comical ali said...

"We besieged them and killed most of them, and I think we will finish them soon."

"They are nowhere near Baghdad. Their allegations are a cover-up for their failure"

"They want to deceive their people first because now they are in a very shabby situation."

"It's a small town [Umm Qasar], it has only a few docks... now they are in a trap"

"Iraqi forces are still in control of the city, and they are engaging in an attrition war with the enemy"

"Americans are now in disarray"

"They are again in the dirt in the desert."

"They will try to enter Baghdad, and I think this is where their graveyard will be."

"Their objective is to get to the outskirts of Baghdad. So be it."

"We will see how the issue will turn out when they come to Baghdad."

"We are determined to defeat them and destroy them on the walls of our capital, as we are determined to destroy their miserable armies in every Muslim spot."

"Iraq will spread them even more and chop them up."

"You think their tanks are in an endless line coming towards us, wrong they are only a few of them and they turn around and then return as if to make a long snake"

"I can assure you that those villains will recognize, will discover in appropriate time in the future, how stupid they are and how they are pretending things which have never taken place"

11:51 am, May 05, 2007

Blogger grimupnorth said...

LIncoln? Chester? Oldham? You can't spin this one. The results were bad. Very

12:51 pm, May 05, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Oldham? "

Blame Micheal Meacher

1:46 pm, May 05, 2007

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Why Oldham? We only lost 1 seat in Oldham.We went in with 31 cllrs and came out with 30.

3:12 pm, May 05, 2007

Anonymous meachersmum said...

Yes, definitely the Meacher wind of change.What a great PM he is going to be ........

3:34 pm, May 05, 2007

Anonymous michael meacher said...

Yes, yes, I know, we've lost Oldham to No Overall Control. Whoops and all that. Before you all start suggesting that I've let my eye off the ball with my massive ego and tending to my huge property portfolio and all that...

Why didn't the CIA scramble fighter jets to defend the Labour-controlled council? They knew the Labour vote was likely to slide, so what's the problem? Could it have been a pretext to wage wars which I initially support but then integrate into wacko David Icke-style conspiracy theories?

I'm not saying there was a conspiracy - I'm just asking questions. The wives and children of Labour councillors have a right to know, don't they?

Rt. Hon. Michael Meacher

3:39 pm, May 05, 2007

Anonymous observer's friend said...

Luke asks: "How are the Tories going to win power if they can't win in Hastings?"

And how, I ask, are New Labour going to retain power if they can't win in Durham and Newcastle?

Actually Luke, you are beginning to sound a bit like that Punch cartoon "The Curate's Egg". (In which a curate is picking at his egg, which is obviously off and the bishop inquires whether it is agreeable. "Oh, yes! My Lord Bishop, some parts are excellent!" the curate cries.)

4:54 am, May 07, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

and here in Brighton and Hove Labour did very very badly - with every chance that the Tories will take Hove and, as a result of the split left vote (greens and labour) - the right wing could even take the two brighton parli seats - a real look at why the Labour party is not connecting with the voters is more important than this ongoing analysis of the results. Perhaps connecting with some of the key issues - for example the ever widening gap between the well off and the rest of society - might start to address some of that disconnection, and the issue of immigration is of real concern to lots of voters. The party has to acknowledge it got it badly wrong over Iraq and have a staged withdrawal of our troops there, and we need to stop tinkering with reform of public services and actually fundamentally alter them from the interests of the professionals who work in them to the interest of the people who use the services.

4:16 pm, May 07, 2007

Blogger Luke Akehurst said...

Observer's friend asks: "how are New Labour going to retain power if they can't win in Durham and Newcastle?"

The answer is, the same way we already did in 2005. Both these councils went Lib Dem before the last general election. Labour still won. In Newcastle we gained 4 seats last week, in Durham we gained 1 seat.

7:47 am, May 08, 2007


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