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Saturday, June 23, 2007

All-time Labour Cabinet

OK the rules of this one are - you can only name people that actually were ever Labour Cabinet Ministers - and they are being judged at the height of their powers and with no reference to subsequent wanderings off to the SDP etc.:

Prime Minister: Tony Blair
Deputy Prime Minister: Clem Attlee
Chancellor: Gordon Brown
Home Secretary: David Blunkett
Foreign Secretary: Ernest Bevin
Education: Shirley Williams
Health: Nye Bevan
Transport: John Reid
Trade & Industry: Harold Wilson
Attorney General: Lord Goldsmith
Local Government: Stephen Byers
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster: Herbert Morrison
Chief Whip: Michael Cocks
Environment: Tony Crosland
Justice: Roy Jenkins
Work & Pensions: Hugh Gaitskell
Leader of the House of Commons: Michael Foot
DCMS: Chris Smith
Northern Ireland: Mo Mowlam
Leader of the Lords: George Brown
International Development: Barbara Castle
Defence: Denis Healey
Chief Secretary to the Treasury: Hugh Dalton
Scotland: Donald Dewar
Wales: Jim Callaghan
Minister without Portfolio: Peter Mandelson


Blogger Gregg said...

PM - Clement Attlee
Chancellor - Harold Wilson
Foreign - Denis Healey
Home - Tony Benn
Lord Chancellor - Lord Gardiner
Commons - Arthur Henderson
Lords - Lord Addison
Agriculture - Gavin Strang
Culture - Richard Crossman
Defence - Jack Lawson
Education - Jim Callaghan
Environment - Margaret Beckett
Health - Nye Bevan
International Development - Josiah Wedgwood
Local Government - George Lansbury
NI - Frederick Pethick-Lawrence
Scotland - Robin Cook
Trade and Industry - Hugh Dalton
Transport - John Prescott
Wales - Jim Griffiths
Work and Pensions - Barbara Castle
Chancellor of Lancs - A. V. Alexander
Treasury Secretary - Tony Crosland
Chief Whip - Jack Straw

6:42 pm, June 23, 2007

Anonymous David Boothroyd said...

How could you have missed Barbara Castle at Transport and stuck her at International Development? That post should really go to E.D. Morel. I'd like to see Ramsay Macdonald found a place somewhere. Meanwhile Housing Minister John Wheatley and Local Government Minister George Lansbury should be appointed to lower tier roles from the governments of the 1920s.

12:00 am, June 24, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Smith, David Blunkett, Stephen Byers???? Have you lost your marbles?

3:28 pm, June 24, 2007

Blogger Doctor Dunc said...

PM - Tony Benn
Chancellor - Stafford Cripps
Foreign - Jeremy Corbyn
Home - John McDonnell
Agriculture - Richard Acland
Culture - Ken Livingstone
Defence - Fenner Brockway
Education - Roy Hattersley
Environment - Alan Simpson
Health - Nye Bevan
International Development - Fenner Brockway
Local Government - Herbert Morrison
NI - Kevin McNamara
Scotland - Jennie Lee
Trade and Industry - Dennis Skinner
Transport - George Lansbury
Wales - Michael Foot
Work and Pensions - Barbara Castle
Chief Whip - Ian Mikardo

6:34 pm, June 24, 2007

Blogger Dave Brinson said...

Dunc seems to have missed the "broad church" element of the Labour Party in a way that even Luke didn't (Bevan, Foot and Castle all getting a look in) Hattersley may count as a token right-winger (before I get the objections from the historically ignorant, he stayed and fought the SDP by organising the Labour Right while Blair was still advocating EU withdrawal and wearing his CND badge.) Hattersley, however has spoken more common sense on Education than any campaign group member ever has (note that, please Diane)

8:41 pm, June 24, 2007

Blogger Dave Brinson said...

PM – John Smith
Chancellor – Hugh Gaitskell
Foreign – Denis Healy
Home – Jim Callaghan
Agriculture – Joan Maynard
Culture – Chris Smith
Defence – Dr David Owen (pre split, naturally)
Education – Roy Hattersley
Environment – Ken Livingstone
Health - Nye Bevan
International Development – Judith Hart
Local Government – Bessie Braddock
NI – Mo Mowlam
Scotland – Donald Dewar
Trade and Industry – Harold Wilson
Leader of the House- Michael Foot
Leader of the Lords- Clem Attlee
Transport – Tony Benn (although keep him away from Concorde mk II)
Wales – Neil Kinnock
Work and Pensions - Barbara Castle (we’d get the pensioners’ votes back !)
Chief Whip – Ernie Bevin (with gang of TGWU heavies, of course)

I know that three of them are breaking Luke's rules, but in a fantasy world, fantasy PM's can belatedly promote backbenchers of talent. The late Caroline Benn would trump Hattersley if she'd ever been an MP.

8:56 pm, June 24, 2007

Blogger Paul Linford said...

Not sure how you can rate Blunkett a better Home Sec than Roy Jenkins...

11:06 pm, June 24, 2007


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