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Monday, June 04, 2007

New Members

As a CLP Membership Secretary I've just had a membership report for May which gives a snapshot of the impact of Brown's uncontested election as Leader.

My CLP had one resignation (not from an active member) and 11 new members (joiners or re-joiners from lapsed as opposed to transfers in from another CLP). Replicated nationwide (as we are a largish CLP of 550 members) my guess is Labour has gained 4,000 new members during May, and had maybe 350 resignations.


Blogger Owen said...

It's great to know that all those thousands of members we've got to join or rejoin because of the John4Leader campaign haven't ripped up their party cards!

9:18 pm, June 04, 2007

Blogger Benjamin said...

The Labour Party on its Leadership campaign website was - until very recently - urging folk to join the party claiming that they could influence the choice of party leader and Prime Minister, direction of the country etc. That was a straightforward lie.

This has now been taken down, but it was up there well after the decision was taken to suspend democracy in the party regarding the Leadership. Even for Labour, I thought such a stunt cynical.

4:16 am, June 05, 2007

Blogger Doctor Dunc said...

Yes - I'm very pleased to hear those statistics from Hackney and hope they are the same across the country. I was very concerned about those I recruited through 'join us to join in' publicity, but I'm glad to say that none have told me that they've left. I think people can see that there are reasons to be cheerful and left-wing in the Labour Party.

2:34 pm, June 05, 2007


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